ZETOR 4X4 UR1’92 PACK V1.1.0.2

ZETOR 4X4 UR1 m92 PACK V1.1

A series of light tractors produced from 1992-1999. They have a 10×2 gearbox and engines with power ranging from 61 to 78 HP.
The package includes models 4340, 5340, 6340, 7340.

The mod has:
All FS22 standards – animations of clutch, gears, brakes, illuminated clocks, indicators, dirt, etc.
Real gearbox, weight and power
IC panel – opening doors and windows, sunroof, rear window
Console for round 12B – available for cleaning on this website
Configurations: power, wheels, weights, mask types, accessories
Colors: sheet metal, roof, interior, rims.

The mod has no errors in the log, weight 24mb. Have a nice game


V1.1.0.2 Fixed tractor lighting not working on high graphics settings.
V1.1.0.1 Fixed front rim width, fixed weight configuration (no need to unpack anymore).
V1.1.0.0 Improved and added new tire configurations, new configurations, bugs fixed.


Karas, Rolnik410, farmerls, ZetiMaxx, Hirszu, Qesh, QStacjonarny.
Final version of FS22: d4wid33k

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Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_ZetorX340 24 MB

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