Bio-Diesel Farm Produktion V1.0

Bio-Diesel Farm Produktion 1.0

Make your own diesel from sunflowers and canola
(accelerated production for players who play without seasons for 28 days = 1 month)

Price: 35000€
Input: sunflower & canola
Input capacity: 30000l each
Output: Diesel & Pig Feed
Output capacity: 450000l diesel & 250000l pig feed

2 production lines for diesel from rapeseed & sunflower with pig feed as a by-product

-1. Production line diesel from rapeseed
500 liters of rapeseed = 750 liters of diesel + 250 liters of pig feed

-2. Production line for diesel from sunflowers
500 liters of sunflower = 750 liters of diesel + 250 liters of pig feed


Cassy Blair, Der_Mali, Lunchbox
Thanks to Der_Mali for the support with the XML and also thanks to Lunchbox for releasing the built-in diesel system

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zip FS22_Farm_Diesel_Production 10 MB

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