Important this is a beta version
Since this mod is very extensive and I cannot test everything,
Or. a lot of things just come while playing,
I would appreciate any constructive criticism, suggestions or ideas here
in the comments or on my DC look forward. Sit there now
very long time, but today is the day that I publish it,
also with the background to improve it constantly. There is currently one
Warning this only occurs on dedicated servers because the Xml
is a little larger than it should be.
So now to the actual. The logistics center 2.0 is an extension to the first logistics center. I wanted it bigger and
shall we say more specifically. Just do it differently and go even more to keep the player busy. Him
Let all the work done that happens in the camp. Be it unloading from the trailer, storing in a
High rack, the retrieval from the high rack and the forklift driver available so that he can load it
can. In this warehouse you can now store not only standard pallets from the game but also pallets
from the Platinium DLC, two more things have been added.
1. There is now the option of liquids
To store such as Water, milk, diesel, herbicides. Liquid fertilizer or selling agent. (see photo 1)
2. There are 2 separate bulk goods stores, in the 1st slightly smaller one you have the possibility to store iron ore, stones, sugar beets, potatoes and wood chips
and a bunker is a reserve because then something else can be entered
in the second comes the rest of the bulk material from the standard game. (The 2nd bulk material store is not yet available in this version, it will come with it
in an update.)(see photo 2)
What is special about this warehouse, I would say that it is the storage system itself and I need a high-bay forklift that we built ourselves.
This is of course included in this pack.
Storing is very easy, it takes a moment until you understand how to do it, but then you quickly find your way around.
I use the high-rack stacker to place pallets that are to be stored in their pre-defined place, which can be recognized by the green number on the shelf,
on the displays for the respective shelf you can see which places are for which pallets.
Once I have occupied all the spaces, I can use a trigger to store the pallets (see photo 3)
It is outsourced via a trigger that is available to you throughout the warehouse and by pressing the R key you get to the menu.
Pallets that are outsourced always spawn at the top of the shelf where you then have to get them down.
There is also a battery charging station for the high-rack stacker. You can find this in the construction menu under Tools in the hall
you can then build them in the battery room.


Breaven und Team für den Revamp Mod
Sly für den PlaceableDisplayExtension Mod

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