The Multi-Fruit Silo XXL consists of the Unia Farma 800 Silo & the Unia Farma 200 Extension.
This multi-fruit silo XXL is different from others, because it can take all grain and fill types that are entered as BULK (bulk material) in the respective map. In addition, the
The silo can hold 5 million liters and the extension can hold 2.5 million liters per grain and fill type.

There is also a bale trigger

Mod is suitable for multiplayer.

Technical specifications:

Unia Farma 800
-Building menu: Buildings –> Silos
-Price: 60000 $
-Volume: 5.000.000 liters per type of fruit

Unia Farma 200

-Building menu: Building –> Silo extensions
-Price: 147.000 $
-volume: 2.500.000 liters per type of fruit


– Adaptation of the Moddesc version for the current Giants patch.
– New Modicon
– Fixed some typos in the mod description.
– Added Multifruit Silo XL.
– Multifruit silo extension removed.
– Silo can no longer be expanded because there were problems with animal stables and productions with integrated storage.

– Adaptation of the moddesc version for the current Giants patch.
– Methane is now also produced in the digester.

– Adaptation of Moddesc Version for the current Giants patch.
– Added all Ingame Liquids in the Multifruitsilo and Expansion.
– Multifruitsilo Fillvolume for each Fill and Fruit type increased to 50 Million Liters.
– MultifruitSilo Expansion Fillvolume for each Fill and Fruittype increased to 25 Million Liters.
– Fillable filling station for Liquidfertilizer, Silage Additives and Herbicides removed. Since at the
Multifruitsilo, the machines are filled with Liquidfertilizer, Silage Additives, Herbicide, Slurry are Filled.
– Liquid trigger at the multi production was moved to the normal unloading trigger.

– Adaptation of the moddesc version for the current Giants patch.
– Added discharge trigger for liquids on multi production.
– Added new marker icons for the loading and unloading area.
– Marker icons and warning stripes can now be hidden ingame.
– Fillable gas station expanded, a gas station for liquid fertilizers, silage additives and herbicides can now also be placed.

– Feed Production renamed to Multi Production.
– Multi production now not only produces mixed rations, pig feed, mineral feed, silage additives
but also fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, seeds, lime and diesel.
– Store icon changed from feed production to multi production.
– Liquid discharge pipe placed on the multi production.
– Added placeable fillable gas station including store icon.

– New Modicon
– Double tipping grid removed from the multi-fruit silo.
– Fermenter added from chopped material, grass, alfalfa, straw is made silage.
(Lucerne only on maps where this type of fruit is also installed).
– Added feed production. And produces mixed rations, pig feed, mineral feed according to the standard recipe.
– Added sound to fermenter and feed production.

– New Store and Modicon
– Added French translation
– Silo adjusted for the script “Info Display Extension” from Achimobil. Total silo capacity set to 0 liters. Since the silo and the extension has no total volume.
– Expanded fruit and fill types (also for mining and construction maps)


Grundmodell: Giants
Idee: Mod Micha
Scripte: Achimobil
Marker Icons: Landbauer

3.8/5 - (13 votes)

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