This mod consists of 6 wind turbines with different hub heights. The following are the features of the plants:
-All turbines adjust to the wind and change their speed depending on the wind speed.
-Anemometers are animated and adjust to wind speed.
-Obstacle marking adapts to the light conditions in the different seasons.

The following systems are included:
Vensys 100: 75m and 100m hub height (nominal output: 2.5 MW)
Vensys 112: 93.5m and 140m hub height (nominal output: 2.5 MW)
Vensys 115: 72.5m and 92.5m hub height (nominal output: 4.1 MW)
Vensys 120: 90m and 140m hub height (nominal output: 3.0 MW)
Vensys 126: 87m, 97m and 137 hub heights (nominal output: 3.8 MW)
Vensys 136: 97m, 132m and 162m hub height (nominal output: 3.5 MW)

You can find more pictures under the following post, as only a maximum of 5 file attachments are allowed here: Vensys wind turbines
Version 2.0 adds some profound changes:
1. Purchase Price/Revenue
The purchase price and the income from the individual systems is now calculated on the basis of the defined nominal output, the length of the rotor blades and the height of the tower.
Means as follows: €100,000/1000kW nominal power + €500/1m rotor blade length + €100/1m tower height is calculated for the purchase price.
The income consists of 1000€/1000kWh (the nominal power is used as a value for this) + 5€/1m rotor blade length + 1€/1m tower height.

2. Visual innovations
It is now possible to switch off ALL systems “visually”. For this purpose, there is a trigger in front of the door at the foot of the tower of EVERY system, with which the systems can be switched on and off using the left mouse button or the B button on the controller. The position of the rotor blades changes for this purpose, and the rotor only spins slightly. The systems are still making money, so only “visually”. As far as I know, this cannot be implemented in any other way, after all, you have to take into account that the FS22 is an agricultural simulation and not a wind power simulation.


– MB 140m and 162m have been revised.
– In some systems you can switch between German and international obstacle markings (see description!).

– The purchase price and income have been recalculated and are now based on the nominal power, the rotor blade length and the tower height.
– ALL systems can now be “visually” switched off (More information in the description!)
– All rotor blades have been recreated.
– Removed Vensys 115 122.5m.



Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_Vensys_Windturbines 9 MB

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