The first version of the productions Info Hud, known from the LS 19.
Since the LS19 version was built on Global Company dialogues and methods, this first version now comes without setting options.

The first version has the following, non-customizable properties:
Display of the active productions with their remaining time
A production is only displayed if …
it has less than 72 hours remaining
it has less than 50% fill level
The display is sorted according to the remaining time, whichever runs empty or is empty first is shown at the top
Only 5 productions are shown

* Enhanced animal system mod compatibility
– Overcrowding is now displayed with remaining time until the health in the shed decreases (quantity display in MultiOverlayV4 Hud shows the overcrowding number as negative quantity)
– Full is no longer displayed when overcrowding is allowed in the shed
* Production revamp compatibility
– Completely hidden productions and hidden production lines are no longer displayed in the hud and in the production overview
– Optional outputs are now also displayed in the production overview if they are entered correctly for boosters
– Optional outputs of boosters are now included if they are also input in the remaining time calculation
* Other
– Quantity for grouped food is now also totalled correctly
– Menu position of the production overview should now always be above the production menu item as originally planned, regardless of whether other mods add pages or not.
– Support of the VariableOpeningTime mod by displaying the next opening time or closing time.
– Improved icon
– Production Info Hud own display is now hidden when the Hud is hidden
– Inputs that are also outputs should now be calculated correctly and also displayed in the hud
– Fixed a bug that displayed animal sheds in the own display even though the fill level was still above 50%
– Productions that are always on according to the GTX production script and therefore cannot be switched off are no longer displayed when they are full
– Parallel feeding is now displayed individually if the feeds do not reach the same length
– More lines adjustable
– Translations in spanish and french added
– Fix for inputs that are also outputs
– Invisible productions from GTX production script are no longer displayed

– For productions with opening hours, the remaining time is displayed during the opening and therefore these are now hidden earlier than 2 days
– Support of an unfiltered display of the production data in the MultiOverlayV4 Hud (HappyLooser)
– In the production overview, the annual view now takes into account if a production only runs seasonally or monthly

– Fixed bug with revamp
– Added BR translations
– Split production lines are now calculated correctly in the production overview
– Production overview for boosters now shows the quantity without boosters and the quantity with all boosters in brackets behind it
– Bug fixed that nothing was displayed when loading the savegame if only sales dates were selected last

– Production quantities in the overview are now shown with an active booster (number is orange)
– Show output full only when production is active
– Outputs can now be almost full (>95%) or full (>99%)
– Adaptation to changed l10n texts from the basegame
– Dung heaps at animal stables are now also displayed when they are full or almost full
– The host at Hosted MP can now activate the display as well

– Fix for Pumps N’ Hoses compatibility

– Dedi Server no longer creates the lists on the server side to improve performance
– Each input filltype can be individually ignored per production
– Starting products are now shown as full from 95%

– Filltypes that are input and output are now displayed as soon as the fill level reaches 99%
– Feeding robots are now displayed
– Slurry is now displayed when full
– Straw from stables is no longer displayed for sale
– Font size is now adjustable in the menu
– Production overview can now be switched to per year
– Added the required area as a column for fruits in the year view without a bonus

– Added RU translations
– Fixed OPEN_GUI warning
– Fixed bug when using Revamp with fillTypeCategories

– Settings moved to the general game settings
– Without settings, the display is now hidden
– Revamp boosters can be hidden
– Production statistics can now be switched to hour

– Water and straw are now also displayed for animal stables. (thanks to Rodberaht)
– Milk is now also displayed for animal stables when it is full. (thanks to Rodberaht)
– Revamp Mix and Booster are now displayed correctly.
– Removed IT from the description because I can’t translate it. However, the translations of the GUI remain in place.
– Adaptation to new structure of sales price trigger

– Productions are now also displayed in the sales ads

– Fix for Giants patch 1.4 for special vehicles when F1 is closed

– Fix for Giants Patch 1.4 “Under Help” position
– Fixed VCA shit
– Fixed translations
– Added sales quantity 5000
– Added production overview with totals per month
– Fixed a bug with the display jumping
– Added the retail price display from silos when SellPriceTrigger Mod is active
– Settings dialog revised

– Updated translations
– Display when everything is taken care of so that you know that the display is active
– Better alignment under F1 and VI
– Moves the InfoMessageHud, if available, to the center of the screen so that it does not overlay the VI
– Animal stalls supply of feed is now displayed
– Full animal stalls are displayed so that animals can be sold (can be switched off in the settings dialog)
– Full inputs when production is switched off is no longer displayed as full output
– The number of displayed lines can now be set
– Display of the number of lines that are not displayed

– Added translations for PL
– Correction of the display when the warehouse is full
– If a production is declared incorrectly, an error is now displayed stating which production is defective
– Settings dialog added. Can be called with [lctrl] + [lshift] + [P]
– Storage of the settings in the modSettings folder

– Full incoming warehouses are no longer shown as full productions
– Added translations for IT

– Productions with a full starting warehouse are displayed first
– The font is now colored for full warehouses (red) and for empty inbound warehouses (orange)
– The mod is now translatable, en and de is already included
– With left shift + P the display can be switched off and on (adjustable)

– Adjustment to patch from Giants to the changed productions.
The display is still in game days.
However, it is displayed what will be empty in the next 2 months, depending on the set days per month, this is different.



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