Big Bud 747 16V V1.0

Big Bud 747 16V V1.0

Base price: 406.500 $
Power: 1100 hp
– Front, side and rear work lights.
– Door and engine cover opening (Left mouse button).

Configurations (in order of appearance in the store):
– Color stripe around the rims.
– Window tinting: Normal, 25%, 50% and 100%.
– Logo configuration: Original, black and white.
– Configuration of decorative stripes: Original, white, black or without anything.
– Additional work lights on the roof: Front, rear or both.
– Optional beacon lights: Left side, right side or both sides.
– Beacon model configuration: 10 different models.
– Optional front and rear windshield wipers.
– Two engine configurations: The power is the same for both engines, the change is in the maximum speeds, in one it is 32 km/h forward and 10 km/h backward and in the other it is 45 km/h forward and 15 km/h backwards.
– Wheel configuration: Normal, double, triple, wide and double wide.

Color configurations (in order of appearance in the store):
– Engine grille.
– Main colour.
– Rim contour color.
– Color railings.
– Color exhausts.
– Color rims.



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