CASE IH MXM 190 V1.3

CASE IH MXM 190 V1.0

Price: 68.000$
Max Speed: 50 KM/H
Power: 190 HP
Motor Configurations: 190 – 235 HP
Wheel Brand Configurations: 7 Brands
Wheel Setup Configurations: 7 Setups
Design Configurations: Front Attacher – Front Weights
➣ Front Loader Configurations
➣ Beacon Configurations
➣ Beacon Type Configurations
➣ Roof Configurations
➣ Honk Configurations
➣ Warning Sign Configurations
➣ Body Color Configuration
➣ Rim Color Configuration
➣ Exhaust Color Configuration
➣ Animated Turn Light Handle
➣ Animated Engine

➲ Animations
➣ Left/Right Doors
➣ Hood
➣ Rear Glass
➣ Open/Close Side Warning Signs


– Added functional cabin clock, AC, cruise control, PTO lever, new animation sounds
– Added custom CaseIH MXM190 minimap position icon for Dashboard Live
– Added multiple new IC commands for internal and external control
– Reduced dynamically loaded parts to improve performance
– Added animated front PTO, added animation to rear PTO
– Added folding US warning signs via IC, incl. sounds
– Added Passenger Seat support (Kubota DLC required)
– Updated modDesc to 80, updated translations
– Various fixes, i3D and XML adjustments
– Added Interactive Control support
– Removed Exhaust Extension support
– Removed duplicate color codes
– Added Dashboard Live support
– Added Vehicle Years support
– Removed Simple IC support
– Added new shop options

– Tractor specifications updated, added Exhaust Extension support
– Added additional wheel options, control scheme simplified
– Improved decals quality, general improvements and fixes
– added CB radio, added CB antenna incl. animation
– Added GPS terminal, added steering wheel knob
– Added additional internal cabin illumination
– Added front licence plate + rear plate lights
– Added entinguisher + emergency hammer in cab
– Remapped certain files to base game assets
– i3d file optimised, updated modDesc to 74
– XML adjustments, file structure improved
– Added Precision Farming + GPS support
– New engine option with object changes
– Added mipmaps to improve performance
– Added US/EU configuration
– Added side hose support

➲ Simple IC Added For:
➣ Left/Right Doors
➣ Hood
➣ Rear Glass
➣ Left/Right Arm Rests
➣ Interior Light
➣ Lower/Raise Rear Attachement
➣ Turn ON/OFF Vehicle
➣ Toggle Lights
➣ Open/Close Side Warning Signs
➣ Hazard Light
➣ Open/Close AUX Seat


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2 years ago

It’s making my game lag very bad. Else a very good mod

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