IHC 353 V1.6.0.1

IHC 353 V1.0

International Harvester Common Market AWD series
Price: 15000€
Power: 35HP
The 35HP strong IHC 353 wan introduced in 1965 alongside the 10 HP bigger 624.
Fron the year 1967 on the tractors were available with an AWD frontaxle by the ZF Passau Company.
In 1969 the 724 was added as a big brother of the 624. The 3.9 liter engine had 67 HP.
At last the 824 was introduced in 1971, who was equipped at the beginning with an IHC D-239, fron 1973 on with an D-246 engine.
The construction ended in April, 1974.


New hood new fenders new FH/H new front loader new hood new exhaust a complete rebuild new store photos Beta!

hello I put a lot of effort into this update, from the hood to the FH to the front loader, so everything has been revised I hope you like this patch super!

Hi for my part, I once again put a lot of work into the international, especially into the hood because of the color, I would have to take a different look at some point because the vehicle shader doesn’t really want to, but well, have fun with the IHC 353, I completely renewed the hood, the tires are new, the sound is a bit buggy but it is still being worked on

New hood, bug fixes, more realistic, and more

I reworked all the lights, checked the front loader consoles, added new tire configurations and raised the rear fenders

I have added colors and front loader configurations, the fritzmeier roof has been revised and the rear has been redesigned, number plates are now available too.

I’ve added a bracket and a front loader configuration. It’s best to unhook the front loader first when it’s down

I changed the front a bit and added some configurations, rim color choice was also added, textures were revised too.



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