JOHN DEERE 7810 V1.1

JOHN DEERE 7810 V1.0

The mod can’t do much yet, but it is log-free.

John Deere 7810 colorchange
– Lateral ventilation grille can be changed under design color, but only in design type: Color
– Side ventilation grille also has fixed design type: Black / Black
– 3 power levels (170PS / 245PS7300PS)

The mod includes the color choice with the standard colors for car body, ventilation grille and rims.

I intentionally didn’t add any more colors because I don’t want to step on anyone’s feet out of respect for other forum and clan colors.
I don’t care what colors you add for yourself in private.

Furthermore, I cannot cover the whole color spectrum for everyone (much too individual), because opinions differ widely.

Should I find the mod in another forum under a different name, it was my 2nd and last attempt to share something with the community.
Then I’ll just build for myself. Unfortunately, it also hits the good guys. So be fair to me, then I am fair to you too.
Furthermore I will maybe work on enhancements and publish them. But do not promise anything.
This mod release on my part has pilot character in the LS22.
The mod is error-free for me in the single player in the log. It runs privately with me with dditional 72 error-free mods / scripts on the Elmcreek.
I can’t test multiplayer at the moment because I’m the only one in my family who owns it.


205PS version as a pleasant level between 170PS / 245PS
StarFire 6000 selectable (no function, purely optical addition)
StarFire 6000 base color changes with main color tractor
StarFire 6000 cap has its own color choice
Shop-Config now has specific names
RUL form selectable 2 versions (Giants Standard-RUL)
Shop config changed to standard John Deere colors and tire config, so that the player starts with a basic price tractor and has a 0Euro config … for me personally logical …
… and a lot of fun on board …


Original: Giants Software
Umbau: SirIronEagle

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