SCHLÜTER 2500 VL V1.0.7.3

SCHLÜTER 2500 VL V1.0.6

Here is our Schlüter variant, which has been hanging in the ModHub since December 3rd, 2021 and has not been activated.
Actually, the idea was to make this Schlueter available to console players in the ModHub. But unfortunately it doesn’t pass the “quality control”.

What was actually done:
Converted from the 19s
The left door was animated and can be opened and closed using MouseControl — the “quality control” wasn’t enough
Added foot animation — Was criticized that there was none before.
Config RUL, left or right, bilateral
Built-in key animation when starting the engine – Thanks to farmerfivetom who created the key for it in Blender
Sound from the Case IH Magnum 7200 Pro Series installed
Powershift transmission installed
MotorConfig 2500 TVL Standard with 253 hp and a 16-speed powershift transmission, Vmax 44 km/h
MotorConfig 2500 TVL tuning with 280 hp and a 17-speed powershift transmission, Vmax 49 km/h
MotorConfig 3500 TVL tuning with 325hp and a 17-speed powershift transmission, Vmax 49 km/h
GPS EZ Guide 250 will appear when using Wopster’s GPS (Guidance Steering version or later is required)
Front hydraulics optionally selectable in the shop
Indoor cam and indoor sound brought to 22 standard
Simple IC installed
Animated front and rear windows
Installed handles for the doors
The complete lighting converted to LS22 standard
small optical changes
Door animation with sound
Fixed rear lifter on trailers with the Attacher trailerLow
Added steering types, all-wheel steering and front steering
Replaced the old fanfares with new ones


SIC entries removed from the XML, now only interactive controls are available.
Caused problems for some players.

Small fix reported by El Narizon, thanks again for the tip.
Unfortunately, I missed the fact that the front work lights did not light up. Only the cone of light could be seen.
The headlights didn’t turn on until you turned on the rear ones.
Here one relies on the GIANTS original XML. According to the front headlights XML, the rear ones were activated in the original XML.
I rewrote the XML and inserted it into the Schlueter.

Small update, somehow I like this custom shader from eFarmer(Erlan10).
That’s why I equipped the Schlueter with this shader, I think it’s suitable for it.
Attrition texture reworked, not a pro yet but I like it
Removed SimpleIC and replaced it with Vertex’s InteractivControl. Now the sound also changes when doors and windows are open.
The rims are still loaded from the base game and do not yet have this shader. But I thought I’d upload it for you now. Because I don’t know when I’ll find time to do it again.

Small fix, unfortunately no one noticed, not even me
Fixed texture path
ModDesc version increased

A lot was done again,
Leo630 cut out and animated the front and rear windows, I added sounds underneath
Leo630 also gave him handles for the doors
The old lighting was removed in the 3d program and brought completely to LS22 standard.
Visually, small accessories were added, wheel chocks and new checker plate on the steps, and he got new fanfares
added another steering type, now has all-wheel and front steering to choose from
The rear jack was fixed so that it lifts when trailers are coupled below (trailerLow).



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