URSUS C330 V2.0.0.1

URSUS C330 V2.0

A light agricultural tractor of Polish production. Produced in the years 1967-1987 by the URSUS mechanical plant in Warsaw. It has an S-312C 1960cc engine with a power of 30.5Km/100Nm and a 6/2 gearbox.

The mod includes 4×2 and 4×4 drive versions, has real power and weight parameters, and has no errors in the log.

This is probably the first published “thirty” version with front drive in the history of the game.

The weight of the modification is 46 meters. Have a nice game.

The mod has:
– Choice of 4×2 and 4×4 drive versions
– Many animations, e.g. clutch, gears, brakes, gas, linkage lever, PTO, power steering, etc.
– Illuminated clocks, moving hands, dirty, etc
– Configurations: colors (body/sheet metal/bonnet grille/cabin/rims), wheels with weights, cabin, visual elements, additional lighting
– Interactive control: starting the tractor, lifting + turning on the hitched machine. Openable: doors, cabin roof, hood cover. Removable: doors, front fenders, triangle, hood protective frame.

Mod released with the consent of Kamil R1, whom I warmly greet.

Notes: C330 may not work well with mods that improve game physics; when detaching and attaching TUR, you may need “help” with super strength (e.g. POWER TOOLS)


fix row front tires in 4×4 configuration.

– New 4×4 drive version (compared to 4×2, it is heavier by about 150 kg and has a much better towing capacity)
– Changes in the tractor model (new lift, added PTO levers, new double indicator with indicator lights, new seat, new steering rods in the 4×2 version, improved scales and removed unnecessary elements)
– Changes in configurations (new wheel configurations, new tires, new weights, changed attachment configurations)
– Changes in the weight and balance of the tractor (each configuration – TUR console or front/rear weights has its own, real weight)
– Changes in the operation of the tachometer (better synchronization of engine revolutions with the game hud)
– Changes in the TUR console (animated steering levers, hydraulic connections, etc.)
– Added more dirty elements
– Added more animations
– New, more realistic clock backlight added, working lighting improved
– The tractor’s color palette has been refreshed
– Simple IC replaced with Interactive control (required mods download automatically)
– ModIcon and StoreIcon changed
– Fixed front axle physics
– Fixed a bug with tractor lighting on high graphics settings
– Fixed remaining bugs.


FS19 and FS22 convert: KamilR1, Dawid
FS22 edit: Qwerty, Egon, Bartek90256
Final version of FS22: d4wid33k, N.N., Giants Software/Prefab

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