WHITE 4-270 V1.0

WHITE 4-270 V1.03

The WHITE 4-270 stands out in Farming Simulator 22 with its robust design and versatile capabilities. Priced at $78,300, this tractor offers a powerful performance range with horsepower from 210 to 325, making it suitable for a variety of farming tasks.

Key Features:
Horsepower: Ranging from 210 to 325 HP, it provides the necessary power for heavy-duty work.
Rear Attachers: Comes with options for rear attachers, enhancing its utility for different implements.
Wheel Configuration: Multiple wheel configurations are available to adapt to various terrain and farming needs.
Maintenance: True to the real farming experience, the WHITE 4-270 gets dirty over time, requiring maintenance.
Front Attachments: Equipped with front tank and blade attachers for additional functionality.

Whether plowing fields or transporting harvest, the WHITE 4-270 is a reliable choice for virtual farmers seeking efficiency and power.
Enjoy your farming experience with this mighty machine!


Canada FS

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