The Quickbale is timed to perfection to allow non stop baling and wrapping of all sizes of round bales. The pickup area has been made wider and more efficient so don’t have to be worried about missing spots, this is also ideal for the AI workers that need to take wide turns etc
Price: 60.000 $
Required power: 100 hp
Max. working speed: 25 kph
Bale and wrap 125, 150 and 180 cm bales
Choice of 104 body colours
Choice of 103 rim colours
Choice of 42 wrap colours
Silage additive tank: 1.000 $
Non brand option or 10 brand livery options to choose from
Maize Plus ready
Can also bale alfalfa, alfalfa hay, clover, clover hay, forage (tmr) and cut sugarbeet.


Fixed 150cm hay bales being wrapped
Fixed the wrong capacity on some 180cm bales
Added 24 configurations to mowing and baling contracts
In order to help players that use smaller scale feed mixers, I have made the 125cm grass, hay, straw and silage bales the same capacity as the standard 180cm bales. They are still liftable and don’t require any special trailers. All the other fill types such as those from Maize Plus have remained at 10k litres
TIP- Use the central hitch for transporting bale trailer to field, unhitch before unfolding, then attach to one of the side hitches for the field work. Do the same to switch back for transporting away from field.
TIP- If you start to make a 150cm or 180cm bale but change your mind, the game will stick to the larger capacity when you switch to the lower capacity (increasing capacity is fine). To get round this, switch to the lower capacity then reload your vehicle and it will show the correct percentage filled for the bale capacity you want

Fixed issue with hoses not visually connecting to some tractors
Added a central rear hitch
Added visual work area assist lighting options in store
Made the bales liftable
Increased the bale capacities, so now 125cm = 10k litres, 150cm = 25k litres and 180cm = 50k litres
No special trailers needed

Fixed issue with silage additive not working on the standard Quickbale
Fixed issue with bale bar not working on the standard Quickbale

Added Quick-Quickbale option with a speed increase for better productivity
Added toothpaste colour option
Added support for soybean straw, corn stalk straw and flax straw
Added optional trailer hitches
Added a bale bar to leave bales on end
Added ability to unload silage additive
Added 8 tyre options
Added Claas, Fendt, Kubota, Kuhn, Lely and Pottinger brands
Increased silage additive capacity from 50l to 60l to match pallet size
Increased width of pick up
Removed duplicate l10n entry
Removed fill level alarm
Fixed continual wrapping sound bug


Mark Thor

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Andre Frost
Andre Frost
1 month ago

The baler needs a makeover. Since the last update of GIANT’s it produces invisible silage bales in the size of 180cm and alfalfa or clover becomes simple silage after fermentation is complete.

11 months ago

is it possible to add an option to turn off the wrapper so i can make plain grass bales?

1 year ago

Please use modhub to get this

Daniël van Mourik
Daniël van Mourik
1 year ago

funny no kuhn ore fendt choice

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