MURSKA 2000 S 2X2 V1.0

MURSKA 2000 S 2X2 V1.0

Murska mills are designed for producing crimped fodder on livestock farms, and they are among the global leaders of the grain crimping equipment. 2000 S 2×2 model suits the needs of varying customers. With a low power requirement and high production capacity, it can be used well with smaller machinery, but it is also sufficient for the needs of larger farms.

This is a MaizePlus compatible version. Big thanks to The-Alien-Paul and Farming Agency for cooperation and letting me use their mill-script.
The operation of this mill is mostly similar to the one included in the M+, with tweaks and improvements.
– Different shop configuration in not needed between ccm and graingrist production. With maize the end product is ccm, and with other cereal grains you get graingrist.
– Mixing grains on mill is not needed so only one fruit type is needed for producing graingrist.
– Silage additives can be used at the process also when producing grainsgrist to increase yield in same way that Luprosil has been working with ccm.

The mill will start unloading immediately when the pipe is unfolded, attached tractor is running and trailer is under the pipe. Unloading is also possible on the ground. When using this method, it is recommended to keep the Automatic Engine Starting-setting in game settings off.

This mod supports Interactive Control by Vertex Dezign, but it is not required. All functions are also available with mouse and keyboard inputs.
Mod is already prepared for some popular modmap filltypes.

Shop category: Animals
Price: $ 40,000
Wheel choises
Design choises
Interactive Control



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zip FS22_murska2000S2x2 6 MB

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