Kenworth T900 Legend

Kenworth T900 Legend daycab. My first mod to in game myself. Many options. Full Interior, lighting, Speed, RPM, and fuel needles, shifter animations. Working front steering and driveshafts. 18 speed transmission with Real rations straight from Eaton Fuller website. 4.55 differential ratio. 175km Top speed. 525, 565, 660 and 800 horsepower options. Will update cab variations in the future.


Changed sounds due to multiplayer servers getting odd sounds happening on dedi servers.
added 4 skin options for all cabin variants.
Added more real lights to the T900 with spot lights working on bullbar options and orange glow on ground around tank lights.
Animated the rest of the interior. Clutch pedal, key turn, brake knobs, most of the gauges.
fifth wheel now adjustable with M and K keys.
New bullbar added in bumper configs.
Skinning Template in mod. Unzip the file and you will find the templates for and a readme file.
Adjusted brake force on dogg trailer to stop it from moving when detached.
Added in serval capacity sizes for both the tipper bin and dog trailer bin.
Made all sizes take the exact same time to unload. it takes 45 secs from the time you tip till the bin sits back down even on one million liters.
All capacities have weight loaded and no weight unloaded and acts as realistic capacity on all variations. So trailer feels real even with higher unrealistic capacities.

Added beacons and new angled exhaust.
Reworked differentials to pull better under realistic weights.
Added in Automatic transmissions as well for all horsepower ratings.

Final update for a while unless problems arise.

Fixed the indoor camera rotating and being upside down.
Fixed: Cab collision that was incorrect and when the truck was flipped upside down the cab went underground.
Added interior animations for accelerator pedal, brake pedal, turn signal lever, and turn signals on dashboard.
Fixed windshield glare when selecting certain window tint colors.
Windshield made clear and non-tintable.
Small windows on doors did not have a face, adding that from the inside it looks like there is glass.
Added 2 more frame options.
Long with fifth wheel and same length as tipper without fifth wheel and airline box.
Added additional options for tanks with toolbox and tiers that work with both sets of tanks and no longer in top plate selection.
Added in a connectable tipping container in the Other Trailers category.
Tipper bin is originally Tork modding from their HINO pack, modified and lengthened to work on Steve’s T900.
Added sounds to windows when they roll up and down.



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5 months ago

Is there any way to get in touch with the creator of this truck. I come across a problem and would like to know how to fix it please. Thanks for a otherwise great mod.

4 months ago

great mod but the truck leans into corners.. (body roll is the wrong way around)

2 months ago

best truck in the game, just needs to be a little heavier in the front end

1 month ago

How do we unzip the file?

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