AD Kurse HoF 2022 V1.0

AD Kurse HoF 2022 V1.0

We would like to make our courses for HoF2022 available to you.

We drove in all the main and side streets.

The productions and points of sale are all provided with destinations and neatly packed in folders.

Thanks to Willi we also have a reasonable system for the fields. Therefore, all fields are equipped with target points and field border courses.

A little peculiarity about the fields.

Each field has two points, one the normal point for the edge of the field (field 019) and one point that is directly on the field (field 019-F). So you could of course also use courseplay in combination

There is no courtyard, so there will be no folder to be found. If you need it, you can easily create it yourself.

Vehicles used for entry:
Deutz Warrior
Fendt 942
Scania S pack
HoT Cargo System adapted version for the map

The productions are all run in and tested with the Scania 6×4 or 8×4 from the Cargo System. We have concentrated here on making everything usable with the Cargo System. There are places where it is not possible to use a trailer. But of course you can try it yourself.


MPNator, Drickes71, Willi Willswissen, EWW_Bobo
HoT online Team

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