Welcome to American Falls!

You have a big job to do on this map! The previous owner here once had a farm in Illinois called Stone Valley. He came here looking for work, and American Falls needed a farmer.

So he was given a chance and did a fantastic job running the area. The local residents helped him out where they could, and the businesses loved working with him.

Then all of sudden… he was gone. He had sold all of the equipment that belonged to the American Falls community, and all the land along with it. Luckily, he didn’t sell the trailer where he once lived.

The American Falls community has been informed that you took over Stone Valley as well, managing to get that farm running in tip-top shape. And your help is needed again! The reason you have been brought here is because American Falls needs a great farmer like you!

Unfortunately there is little money in the pot; just enough to get you going. There’s no equipment to spare, so you’ll have to do local contracts to slowly regain the trust of the community. Use your earnings to buy new farming equipment and eventually buy the land back.

Are you up for the challenge? Can you regain the trust of American Falls?

– All fields are fictional
– Anhydrous built into the map { works with precision farming}
– Mud System { opitional }
– 4 x new custom crops { alfalfa rye flax & clover}
– New well made corn { maize crops } by Benji FS
– soybeans in rows
– Start from scratch & Farm manager added
– Cows can produce manure
– pigs can produce manure
– 12 Custom farm placeables added
– 8 Selling points
– Propane built into the map
– 1 x bale selling point
– 1 x log selling point
– Alfalfa silage clamps added
– Manure spawns at cow farm
– Oxygendavid Custom lighting
– PaintableField added
– Brand new designed models by Lancyboi
– AI Helper Added
– 49 fields
– 2 x productions added
– Height types done
– Multi Terrain
– Seasons visuals
– Collectables
– All land purchased before using animals & farm areas
FS22_americanFermentingSilos required mod { Vertex design }
FS22_PickupHeaderPack_crossplay required mod { BcBuhler Farms }


– Changelog
– Premium Expansion dlc crops works { Carrots, parsnips, and red beet} – Cross platform
– Mud mod Added} – pc only
– Better Weeds by JMZ
– Grazing Added { cows & sheep } – pc only
– Cow Capacity Upped To 400
– Goweil DLC pack updated – Cross platform
– Extra animals added – Cross platform
– Goats milk – Cross platform
– Farmlands Updated
– Clover removed to make room for new dlc crops
– Oxygendavid – Rye Added
– BcBuhler Farms – Flax Added
– New Animals added {cross platform} Bronkema permission { only modhub animal placeables work NOT base game}
– Antler 22 Modding – Alfalfa & Custom tillage textures Added
– Manure Heap Added { cows } – Cross platform
– 4D Modding – Eire Agri Modding Custom Slurry Textures
– BulletBill crop textures { Wheat – Canola – Barley – oats}
– Benji FS { maize crops }
– Soybeans in rows
– Alfalfa silage clamps added – Cross platform
– Only custom animal husbandrys work from modhub { with the new animals }
– Wire fence removed from entrance of cow farm gate.
– Wire fence removed from river bank near sheep farm.
– GrainMill Fixed
– Collectible under map repositioned.
– Contracts fixed

Changelog (Sorry but new save is needed)
– Vehicle shop exteneded
– collectables re positioned
– Sell cotton moved to (Bales Selling station)
– Alfalfa regrow fixed
– Trees & objects deleted (to help with the fps issues)
– Custom Plowing Texture
– Farm house can now be sold
– Sheep triggers fixed
Additional Changes by ModHub QA Team for the mod-Author:
– added missing tangents to 4 materials (which have been faultily imported)
– corrected 2851 nodes
– removed customShader assigned to occluders (will help to improve performance)
– removed customShader assigned to collisions (will help to improve performance)



4.4/5 - (32 votes)

Download mod

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zip FS22_American_Fall 555 MB

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1 month ago

Downloaded today and tried it out, gates for the vehicle dealership won’t open

1 month ago

gates for the dealership is not even opening

W. Sharpe Sr
W. Sharpe Sr
2 months ago

I’ve been expecting a correction on the grazing area at the cowpen. The cows walk through the fence and sit on the driveway near the animal loading gate. A fix here would be awesome.

Ron Sayer
Ron Sayer
6 months ago

Loving the map so far. There is an issue with the fencing. Several of the barbed wire fences extend past the last pole. One is farmland 56 between the double gates on the farm. One is farmland 2. One is farmland 6. I dont know how many others there are. But I did find out you cant drive thru them. Otherwise enjoying the map so far.

10 months ago

hi i have an issue with your map Lancyboi.the collectables are not working right.i can not find several of them and some are about through the map in the ground.i had to dig 95% through the ground to find two of them.are you planning on updating this?i love the map otherwise as always a super great map from you.PLEASE DO NOT STOP MAKING MODS AND MAPS.

10 months ago

Wow! Where has this map been hiding. Outstanding detail, well thought out. The maize and alfalfa foliage are amazing. I replaced the alfalfa and maize on a map I play a lot with the foliage from this map.

As far as issues, I’m sure there will be an update. There are always issues with maps, just take the time to learn how to edit and do them yourself. In the process you will learn how to do and add all kinds of thing to a map or mod.

Anyway, this map is one of my top 2 favorites. You should always take time to troubleshoot any map you want to seriously play. Run the console, and click on every placable and store item with the console open and look for warnings and errors. SOP ya’ll

11 months ago

I think this map and your work is getting more criticism than it deserves. Its a great map with tons of detail, my chief complaint is some things are not able to be removed, such as fences. Other than that 5/5

11 months ago

lot of issues

11 months ago

Thank you Lancyboi for the hard work and uploading it here.

11 months ago

Lots of issues with map some buildings have no collisions, some gates are not sellable

Igor G
Igor G
11 months ago

I would definitely like to give this map 5/5, but there is something that really bugs me about maps. The terrain, especially in wooded areas, have branches all over the ground that cannot be removed, or painted over. They just show up no matter what you paint the terrain with. For someone like myself that likes to expand their farm, this texture just makes it impossible to continue on without Editing the map in Giants.

Reply to  Igor G
11 months ago

you have to go over them with bushes then go and paint over it to remove them

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