AutoDrive Route HORSCH AgroVation V1.0.4

AutoDrive Route HORSCH AgroVation V1.0

Here is my AutoDrive route for the HORSCH AgroVation standard map
The routes were driven in with the John Deere 8RX and the KRONE GX 520.
I tested the route for several days, the vehicles go everywhere.
The combine harvesters and choppers also have no problems.
For the 3 largest fields, I have created several approach points and field edge courses because AutoDrive,
seems to have had problems here.

List of goals achieved.
BGA – 500Kw
Sunny Bank Cereals
Sunny bench bales
cattle market
Yew Tree Bale
Yew Tree Cereal Anl.
Muddy Field Store
Oak Bridge store
The Brambles Store Bale
The Brambles Store Cereal
Meadow Falls Bale
Meadow Falls store
dealer shop
dealer workshop
Hof gas station
courtyard washhouse
yard workshop
Courtyard hall 3 with parking spaces 1-7
Court Hall 5
Fields: 1a, 1b, 2-4, 5a,5b, 6-8, 9a,9b,9c, 10-18
I wish you much fun with it.


Version 1.0.4
Some routes changed

Version 1.0.2
Access to field 1a changed.
I created an overload point at field 9a consisting of A, B, and C.
Added Pitch – Courtyard Hall 5 Sp.-Syringe (Sparkle Pitch).
please read the detailed description in the file !!!

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zip HORSCH_AgroVation_FS22_AutoDrive_Route 4 MB

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