FORD F150 RAPTOR V1.0.0.1

FORD F150 RAPTOR V1.0.0.1

Price: $47,986
Power: 450 hp
Max speed: 172 KMH
-Body color configuration
-Interior color configuration
-Sticker color configuration
-Wheel color configuration
-Daytime running light color configuration
-Windows tone configuration
-Front bumper configuration
-Working winch (requires Platinum DLC)
-To maintain its wonderful appearance, all fasteners are invisible, the trailer hitch and gooseneck are visible when you attach a trailer to it.


EST team

4.1/5 - (11 votes)

Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_Fordf150_Raptor_ESTagro 30 MB

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Silverback Yeti
Silverback Yeti
7 months ago

I like this truck for the most part. I have some opinions about it.

  • 0-60 is slow for a raptor. It took over 10 seconds to get to 60 w/out a trailer.
  • The top speed on PC is only 81 on flat ground and 86 going downhill on the Rock crawl map. The description and HUD speedometer show 106 MPH (172 km/h)
  • Why give us the option with the lightbar when you can’t turn it on?
  • The wheels look deflated at all times.
  • Why give us two purchase options in the store when the only difference is the sticker?

Besides that, the truck looks great, handles well, and has many options.

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