PEUGEOT 205 T16 SERIES 200 V1.0.0.1

PEUGEOT 205 T16 SERIES 200 V1.03

In 1983, Peugeot went all out by presenting the 205, a hell of a number which should allow the Sochaux brand to get out of the financial rut in which it found itself. The takeover of Chrysler Europe and the launch of the Talbot brand have weighed down the accounts, and the range is rather aging. The 205, a well-born car, will therefore have to play the role of white knight for Peugeot, on the verge of bankruptcy. To succeed in its commercial coup, Peugeot decided to restore its image in competition with a model close to the new 205, at least visually. This is why the competition version of the 205 is presented at the same time as the little production lioness: the famous 205 Turbo 16.

Peugeot has decided to tackle the World Rally Championship, and to challenge the Audi Quatro in Group B. But for this, the regulations require the construction of at least 200 examples of a civilian version. the 205 Turbo 16 known as the “200 series”, only available in “Winchester” gray, with red and white edging on the sides.

The Turbo 16 no longer has much to do with the “civilian” 205, other than the general line. The T16 has four-wheel drive, while the 4-cylinder XU of 1.8 liters and 200 hp obtained thanks to the turbo, is placed at the rear of the car, thus condemning the rear seats.

Despite its marketing, we are closer to the competition car which will win numerous rallies and rally raids than to the GTI which is beginning to attract fans of small sports cars. The Turbo 16 is manufactured in Poitou-Charente, by the coachbuilder Heuliez ( body) and at Peugeot Talbot Sport in Boulogne (assembly), 219 examples. With a weight of 1105 kg, the 200 hp are a little tight, especially since the handling is royal.

Also, some customers will opt for a PTS (Peugeot Talbot Sport) kit increasing the power to 300 hp, almost as much as the competition version.

It also exists in pearly white which recalls the factory cars entered in the world rally championship. The pearly white there were four reserved for key figures in the Peugeot program in Group B: Jean Todt, director of Peugeot-Talbot Sport, Jean Boillot, general director of Automobiles Peugeot, and André de Cortanze, responsible for developing the chassis of this famous 205 which would mark the history of modern rallies. Fourth was awarded to French racing driver Didier Pironin.

this mod does not have many color choices, does not have many options, but it conforms to reality, because it was modified by a real car enthusiast for real car enthusiasts.

mod content:
-interactive control
-choice between Winchester gray or pearly white like irl
– choice of engine between normal t16 or the pts kit


– Window correction



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