JOHN DEERE 2623 V1.0.0.1

JOHN DEERE 2623 V1.0

John Deere 2623
Converted for FS22 clean Log

This is a conversion to FS 17 of the John Deere 2623 50ft disc. Special thanks to BennieJoe for his permission to release this version. Disc is setup as a plow and has been tweaked so that it pulls more evenly and the outer wings do not pop up out of the ground when plowing except occasionally when flexing as a by-product of that animation. At purchase, you have the option of buying a rear hitch for $700. All credit goes to BennieJoe for giving us this fantastic mod.


Original FS 15 version: author-BennieJoe with Thank you to : Justin Bartsch , Bcbuhler ,and Justin Horkman
FS 17 conversion and testing: CJWilksy
Converted to FS22 By Heavyd Special thanx to Fummins and SGA group for support

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