KRONE M500 32M V1.0

KRONE M500 32M V1.0

New tire and more
New eltric M500 32m.

Simple IC (recommended)
Exhaust Extension (optional)

Starting Price: 460,000 $
Diesel Capacity: 900 Litres, DEF Capacity: 70 Litres
electric BiG M 500 Capacity: 490 kw, DEF Capacity: 70 Litres 18speed transmission
Speed: 55 KP/H, Reverse Speed: 20 KP/H
Engine: 520HP/382kW
Working Width: 13.2 m
Working Speed: 20 KP/H
Weight: 21 Tonne

→Several standard + wide tire options
→Multiple color options
→Engine option
→Speed sign option
→EU/US flag option
→PTO extension option
→Diesel capacity option
→US/EU configuration option
→GPS option

Animations on front + rear PTO, drum, engine, ladder, mowers, wipers, turn signal lever, door
Fully animated interior, incl. seat suspension, ignition key, pedal, buddy seat, armrest

Simple IC Functions:
→Battery Storage Compartment (IC Sound)
→Door (IC Sound)
→Armrest (IC Sound)
→Interior Light (IC Sound)
→Buddy Seat (IC Sound)
→Wipers (IC Sound)
→LED Clock (IC Sound)
→Engine Panels (IC Sound)


MyGamesteam/Lantmanenfs edit/electric

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File File size
zip FS22_Krone_BiG_M500 66 MB

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