Welcome to Alma, Missouri.
This map is based on the small beautiful town of Alma in the state of Missouri, US.
The vast majority of buildings, residential and commercial, on the main street, are modeled after real buildings found in the city, as well as traffic signs and street markings.
Of course, due to the gameplay, some things have been changed and some have been added, but the feeling of a small American town has been retained.

On the map you will find the following:
– Three preplaced farms: The main one that belongs to you at the start and two that, in order to use it, you have to buy land first.
Main farm with starting vehicles and equipment, will have Cowbarn, Horse stables, Sheep barn and three fields.
– 42 farmlands
– 41 fields, from small to big. 5 fields with grass mission.
– 1 small forestry site.
– BGA that will not produce electricity but will produce methane that you will be able to collect and sell at the local gas station where Methane sell point is placed.
– Traffic
– Pedestrians
– Missouri licence plates
– Custom crop calendar
– Train that will take your goods to Sedalia (Train Sell Point)

Productions available:
– Sawmill
– Dairy
– Tailor Shop
– Pizzeria
– Ketchup Production
– Popcorn Factory
– Corn Dryer that will dry your corn into dry corn, which you will be able to sell or send to the Grain mill to produce fine corn flour, and which you will also be able to sell or use in the local bakery.
To dry the corn, you will need Propane gas, which you can buy at gass station.
– Grain Mill
– Bakery with three new products, cornbread, sweet cornbread and pumpkin pie.
– Placeable greenhouses with new fruit, Pumpkins.
– Added 2 liquid trailers for transport Methane and propane, and you can find it in Miscellaneous category.
– If sugar production is not for you, you can buy sugar pallets in the local store, but at a much higher price.

Selling stations are:
– Grain Sell Point.
– Diner Restaurant will take your production goods.
– Methane sell point.
– Bale sell Point.
– Train Sell Point

Additional items on the map include:
– Soybeans will grow in rows and produce straw.
– BenjiFS maize textures.
– Three new crops, Rye, Peas and Alfalfa. Alfalfa has been implemented in animal feed. Added three placeable silo bunkers that will accept alfalfa and dry alfalfa.
– Swathing system, thanks to BcBuhler Farms, who allowed me to use their addon. And in order for this system to work best for you, you should use their mods that are designed for this.
– There is also working Car Washing station in the town.
– Changed the weather conditions a bit, so winters will be with a lot of snow.
– Background textures change as the seasons change.

I wish you a lot of fun on this map.


– Added a snowy road when it snows and wet asphalt during rain.
– Increased the number of cows, sheep and the amount of food in the animal barns.
– Increase the selling prices at the train sell point so that the train has become more attractive for selling your goods.
– The farmhouse on the main farm is retextured and a usable garage has been added.
– The cow farm near town was retextured and a usable garage was added to the farm house.
– Added placeable farmhouse with usable garage and color selectable walls.
– Some of the trees that were stuck too far into the ground have been raised so that by removing them, the fields can be joined more easily.
– Herbicide, fertilizer, seeds, liquid fertilizer and lime tanks are now available as placeable in the Container section.

– Added greenhouse with new fruits: Apple, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple.
– Added new placeable building: Juice Factory with new products: Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Pineapple Juice.
– Added new product in the Bakery: Apple Pie
– Added new product in the Pizzeria: Pineapple Pizza
– Adden placeable Fermenting Silo where you can turn your Grass, Dry Grass, Chaff and Alfalfa to Silage along with Methane Gas and Digestate.
– Fixed Sheep Barn Fence, sheep will no longer go outside the fence.

– Increased the number of animals and food capacity for Cow Barn, Cow Barn Old and Sheep Barn.
– Added Bale Marker for Sheep Barn bale trigger.
– Increased speed of filling Propane and diesel.
– The Diner Restaurant sell point will now take all your products from the Platinum DLC.
– Auger wagons will take Peas now.
– Added Cow Barn Placeable.
– Fixed collision of farm silo and barn at pig farm.
– Fixed train.
These changes do not require a new save.



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1 month ago

Not a bad map but the main roads not being parallel to the map edges is freaking out my OCD

5 months ago

Where do I collect manure at the small dairy cow barn?

Mike Frazier
Mike Frazier
8 months ago

celobuki any way possible you could make a map of Centerton Arkansas? I live here… Just wondering

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