GAZ-3307 V1.0.0.5

GAZ-3307 V1.0.0.3

Features of the mod:
– Price: from 38110 euros
– Power: 130 – 136 hp
– Speed: 90 km/h
– Body volume: 6000 – 17000 l
– Tank volume: 7000 l
– Fuel tank: 90 l

Customizable options:
– Body capacity
– Wheels
– Bumper and guards
– Additional lighting equipment
– External and internal tuning
– Road Train Icon
– Cab and Body Stickers
– Choice of Cab Color, Body, Rims, Trim, Air Intake
– Supports Universal Passenger Mod and Interactive Control.


Changes in version
– collision edits
– animation edits
– sound edits
– rear axle corrected, it moved with the wheels at low weight (mass registered)
– diesel engine sound replaced (MMZ-D245)
– triggers on the fuel tank were redesigned
– icons were added for interactivity
– a food booth with wear, decals and animations has been added (pallets in the food category are loaded automatically by the game mechanics, an autoloading mod is not required, belts have been added for the remaining pallets).

Changes in version
– the brakes have been reworked
– the headlights have been enlarged
– a technical booth has been added (with its own decals, wear and animations; to repair the equipment, you need to open the rear doors of the booth)
– loading water into the tank from reservoirs has been fixed
– all triggers have been corrected
– expanded interactive (for technical vehicles)
– added a working handbrake on the interactive (works with the FS22_VehicleControlAddon mod)
– fixed the sound of opening doors (it was not there from the street)

Changes in version
– Fixed barrel (didn’t pour milk)
– Fixed shadows on wheels


XXXni, Biostil Mod Prod, Кгаleks / Vados sv, Мужик ТВ, Trigada

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