Welcome to the Altkirch in Alsace.
As many already know the Altkirch from LS19, it now also appears in LS22.
The map includes a lot of productions and a lot of fields.

What was installed:
Precision Farming
Maize plus (only partly installed because I’m at the limit with the crops)


– Greenhouse for strawberries (placeable) added
– Strawberries added as input to dairy and pastry shop
– Added strawberry milk and strawberry cake as new filltypes
– Water filter for waterworks installed as input
– Paper production expanded => Now also produces water filters
– New double garage built in the main courtyard
– Spinning mill placed a new building
– Distillery placed a new building
– Adjustments to Premium Expansion DLC
– Fixed water for animals
-Fixed fish food pallet
– Road system rebuilt including splines
– Ground adjustments due to new roads
– Adaptations to straw recovery
– Trigger fixed at river water stations => AD did not draw river water independently
– Added parsnips and beetroot
– Delicatessen production expanded by 6 production lines
– increased revamp version to

– Added manure to the chicken coop at the egg farm
– Illuminated courtyard lamp installed at the Eierhof
– ManureHeap registered at Eierhof (placeable.xml)
– Mineral feed production installed on the main farm (placeable.xml)
– Silillant added as a booster in fermenters
– Error: TransformGroup Kabel230Volt (node id 160072) has a zero scale => Fixed
– Fixed trigger marker at river water pumping station
– Shelter at Rinderhof and at Holzkerle sawmill renewed
– Light installed on both sawmills
– Enlarged the feed trigger at the sheep pen at the sheep farm
– Added greenhouse for tree seedlings. Produces pallets of 40 seedlings that can also be sold at points of sale.
– The original Giants seedling pallets cannot be sold!!
– Diesel and fuel inserted at points of sale
– Fixed tobacco and carrot growth without season
– Spinning yield of fabric and workwear increased
– Metal production installed (placeable.xml)
– Wooden barrel production installed by Schreiner
– Wooden barrel is now required at the rum factory and winery

– Fixed horses (when riding came black screen
– Fixed placeable gas station
– Fixed issue with snow and snowblower
– Added mineral feed production
– Fixed compost as fertilizer on the field
– Increased the feed trigger in the barn at the Eierhof
– revamp version increased to

A NEW savegame is required
– Fixed collision in multi production
– Fertilizer production herbicide trigger fixed
– Adjusted butcher trigger for animals and adjusted consumption
– Collision at Aspach supermarket (ice cream truck) Placed correctly
– Removed bump at field 52
– Fixed texture error with information signs
– Expanded silo displays and fill types at Rinderhof, Schweinehof, Obsthof and Gemüsehof
– BGA4 renewed
– Various bugs fixed
– Added ball storage at Rinderhof and Schweinehof
– Added ball storage placeable for cotton and sheep’s wool
– Added courtyard lighting at Schafshof
– Fixed bug when mowing green areas ( after mowing the plow status appeared)
– New ICE installed
– Changed train at the waterworks (inclination from the mountain)
– Fixed the trigger for fuel at the peat plant
– Added Methane as a booster at Refinery
– New texture for dirt roads
– Added Danish translation

– Fixed rice at harvest time
– Bridges rebuilt for AD
– Fixed crap at Kuhstall Haupthof and Rinderhof
– Various minor bugs fixed

– Added silos at Schafshof and Wasserwerk (placeables)
– Fixed texture error with information signs
– Removed productions from mission objectives
– Ground textures changed
– Removed the grass under the garage by the sheep paddock
– Added missing fruit to Seasons
– Millet crop removed and tobacco installed
– BGA’s modified
– Added icons for water and fuel
– Water as an additional input for Beetmaster
– Productions adapted to the new revamp versio
– Forest rebuilt
– Farmlands Remade
– Installed new animals from Susi25 and Wingi
– Installed own animal stables with water
– Giants animal stables installed with water
– Various adaptations of productions
– Traffic light script installed by Achimobil => currently still slight problems with AD. Achimobil and AD are working on that
– Butcher switched to Revamp
– All flaps at the power plant and silos close at 11 p.m. every day
– Splines renewed at roundabout => AI traffic stopped constantly
– Ore production added for DLC


RU Modding, Ifko, AndreasK85, FM Modding, Bauer Horst

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