Welcome to Angelite Land!
This is a fictional map. There are medium-large fields. A large forest area for forestry work.


– Incorrect German license plates removed, which prevented you from purchasing vehicles in the last game update.
– Some adjustments to the animal stables
– BGA adjustments

This is the last version of the map. For me the map is ready. If there are still serious errors, I will fix them. But nothing more will be added. Thank you for the many positive feedback and have fun farming.
– AI traffic has been reworked, it no longer stops when turning.
– At the difficulty level “Starting from scratch” (Hard) you have nothing at the beginning
– Larger animal stables were installed. (These can be demolished and built into the standard stables)
– buyable areas revised (unused land can be bought)
– Schafhof, Pferdehof got a working farmhouse (can be removed, but no new farmhouse can be placed if you already own one.
– Sheep yard, horse yard, pig yard are now fully customizable like the main yard
– German license plates were added
– Removed water sounds on tile 2 and 3
– Removed collision at Schafhof
– PDA map updated
– Productions slightly adjusted
– Productions can now be bought with the associated land. In addition, you can now tear them away if they belong to you in order to build your own productions.
– Added 10 more search objects
– Added bread sell point
– Added traffic signs, crash barriers
– Made many decoration adjustments
– Installed wind turbines now move

A lot has changed, many changes only become active with a new savegame.
– Giants AI helper pathfinding improved.
– there are now delineators
– BGA was rebuilt a bit
– Cattle market got a new name on the map icon.
– Fixed bug where going to a sell point on the map would spit out an error
– Cowshed slightly lowered
– Modified the building for the barn a bit so that you can easily unload with any trailer
– Removed grain from the silo, which you had at the start
– View direction on startup has been changed.
– Added chocolate shop.
– Cotton point of sale has been added
– Courtyard slightly redesigned, of course also torn off
– Windmill at field 9 lowered
– Fields 25 and 26 have been smoothed to a flat surface, e.g. B. Mod productions can find reasonable space
– there are now book objects all over the map. There are 4 colors for every 10 objects
– Some dirt roads have been revised.
– There are very many cosmetic changes throughout the map
– Removed stray parking lanes on field 22

This is the last version of the map for the time being. I recommend starting a new savegame and, if necessary, copying the corresponding xml files from the old savegame to the new one. If anything should come up unexpectedly, I will of course fix it.
– Pizzeria added
– Removed stones around tree in yard
– Pressure washer revised in the yard
– Reworked the fence at the straw trade (old fence had no colli)
– Access path to the straw trade/cattle market slightly widened
– PDA map updated.
– minor decoration changes

– Various log/lua errors fixed
– Purchasable land revised
– AI helper pathfinding significantly revised
– many visual improvements

– Main courtyard can be completely designed by yourself (easyShed hall made sellable. Light poles, decorative objects revised .. Hedge and stones made removable, stones can be lifted away by hand)
– Agricultural import / export write error fixed
– BGA price adjusted
– A lot of cosmetic adjustments
– One start tractor away

– Buyable land for the sheep farm
– Added trigger marking at the vehicle shop for selling etc.
– Added vehicle shop icon on the map + teleport
– Added cattle market / animal dealer icon on the map + teleport


Onkel aka Onkel2000

4.6/5 - (7 votes)

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1 year ago

super mapa, polecam ladnie zrobiona

1 year ago

cant seem to change to vehicles when I hit my key nothing happens shame its a very good map

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