Welcome to Calmsden Farm This map is based in Gloucestershire UK.

– Replica of the real life farm and surroundings.
– Real life PDA map
– Custom lighting xml with deeper blue sky and darker nights
– Animations – birds flying across the map pedestrians etc.
– Custom textures with Parralax mapping
– Over 50 Hd new models made by myself.
– 36 fields with missions – small/medium/huge.
– 2 placeable areas where you can build your own production/farm.
– 5 sell points and BGA sawmill etc.
– Seasons visuals- Summer bbqs,mowers,washing lines etc Autumn – falling leaves from trees.
Winter – snowmen,iccles and many more!.
– collectables
– Uk license plates built into map
– Custom grass textures.
– Loads of Custom sounds.


Attention: This version is more of an upgrade and Needs a new save due to map structure changed due to adding new fruits.

– Brand new fruit “linseed”
– Custom uk Geo with linseed added
– A couple New and improved ground textures.
– Stars with Constellations at night.
– Gate Animations have now been moved to the map.
– In multiplayer all players can now open gates/doors etc.
– Fixed issue on dedicated servers where doors and gates were out of line.
– Gates collisions and scales have all been improved .
– Few collisions fixed.
– Collision in bunker removed.
– All productions can now be sold at some sell points.
– Brand new HD weed textures added to the map (Cow parsley and nettles).
– Placeables are now are bought with the land.
– Chicken pasture can now be sold without gates.
– Fixed junk in barns and horse items not removing since game patch 1.3.
– Precision farming support with custom Gloucestershire soil map.
– land for sale signs can now be sold.
– Fixed number plates turning blue in some siturations.

– Field 23 free fixed.
– Couple of collectables are hard to get to.
– Add oats and sorghum to sell points ( all other productions etc are meant to be sold through your own placeables).
– couple of collison issues.
– added the option to buy BGA in multiplayer.
– Various other tweaks and fixes .
– Reworked placeables sell values.
– Made horse training field placeable so people can remove it and farm it if you like.
– Added more paint on ground textures in landscaping tool.
– Animal troughs capacity increased.
– Pig pasture sellable so the field can be farmed.
– Barn door collisions at cow farm fixed.
– Floating tree fixed.
– Couple items in middle of field 3 deleted.
– Added ability to sell cotton bales at sell points for mission contracts.
– Slightly improved grass texture.
– Improved straw trigger at cow barn.
– Added a animated slurry plane to the cow slurry pit so you can see how much you have visually.

NO new save is required but a few issues above will only be fixed when you do start a new game.



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1 year ago

No uk licence plates ? Is there a bug or a file where i can download rhem.?

1 year ago

not working for me wont show when i try to load map

Reply to  john
1 year ago

Did you try new save, also if you map editing with the giants editor you jave to reload the editor a.d start a new save through that as well.

Basically start the game update calmsden let it get to 100% then choose new save game.

Michael R Reyes
Michael R Reyes
2 years ago

not working for me wont show when i try to load map

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