This is my first attempt at making a mod for Farming Simulator 22.

I started playing when FS22 was released, and haven’t looked back since. Seeing what people have created and what the modding community has offered so far, I wanted to take a stab at learning GE, and eventually down the road, Blender.

IRL farming in this area does not have the majority of the base games crops. Primary farming in this area is Cows, Silage, Corn and Grass. But I have left everything base game in there as it can be boring only doing those on a large map.

I cannot take any credit for anything custom. I will do my best to point you to all the custom links.

Relight by Suchsneak has been built into the map files

Custom crops (Wheat, Barley, Oat and Canola) by Serious Mods

Corn Textures by AWModding

Realistic Rolling Texture by Perma’s Modding

Clover and Alfalfa from Stone Valley by Lancyboi

Co-Op Buying area. Buy all your Seeds, Fertilizer, Lime and Herbicide

The majority of the buildings on the map are from the base game maps and can be destroyed/sold to clear off and make your own.

Working train system, selling your items to Alberta!

Have modified the base game Sheep, Pig, Cow, and Chicken pens with large pastures, and made them compatible with Grazing.

I have not made any farms as there are way too many placeable mods and packs out there that I feel this would be a great map for a build your own farm. As well as a multiplayer farm build off! Very much a create your own theme here.

This is my first mod and map ever for FS22. No huge custom buildings or anything out of Blender. That may come in time, but for now I just wanted to try this out and make a map for myself to enjoy a bit of time on.

Updates might happen, but honestly this was a lot, and with the new platinum edition stuff that just came out, it might be a while before I start to go back into GE and play around. Will be playing in game for a while!

** Dec 4 – WOW! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to download and review this! It really means a lot seeing some of the content creators and modders that I follow and watch regularly putting time into the map. Well beyond anything I would have expected!

– I have seen some comments that there are issues landscaping/texturing. This could be caused by the waterplane that is on the bottom right 1/4 of the map. I use Paint and Terraform Anywhere mod. It works great!


– Reduced # of cars parked in Costco, unsure impact to performance or possible crashing

– Removed floating ladder

– Updated fill types xml, removed fill types not used currently

– Removed many trees due to game closing on crashing. Have added new trees to replace only a fraction in areas that were noticeably empty. But other areas will just have a lighter bordering tree line.

– Updated Descversion to 68

I believe that this should resolve the crashing as that was my main priority. I have tested this out loading a game with no mods, with mods, and loading onto my current game save with no issues. No new save should be needed, however if you have terraformed the land, built up or torn down tree lines, or treed areas, you might have to delete them if they come into your farms.


Chumpy Farmer

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Patrick A Cooper
Patrick A Cooper
3 months ago

I have installed all the mods for row crop corn and beans, but when i go to purchase the planters, I get the spinning wheel of death telling my items are being purchased, then the program locks up. any ideas.

9 months ago

there is a youtuber, Argsy Gaming that used this map so i wanted to take a look at the map and it isvery good, good job

1 year ago

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there’s a Canadian YouTuber, SkapeGote doing a series using your map. That’s how I found out about it. I’m going to download it and try it out myself.

Thomas Larsen
Thomas Larsen
1 year ago

hi is there any updates in sight, because the maps crashes in multiplayer, and there are 5 errors form the dedicated server

GDM file ‘maps/data/densityMap_fruits.gdm’ is too big. Size 24.00 MB (max. 18.00 MB)
I3D file ‘maps/map.i3d.terrain.lod.type.cache’ is too big. Size 32.00 MB (max. 10.00 MB)
Unknown file type ‘maps/textures/lovelocalcoopsign’
PNG texture file count too high. 129 found (max. 128)
JPEG texture files not recommended. 2 found (max. 0)

FarmIng Simulator 22
FarmIng Simulator 22
1 year ago

The Map is unfinished I downloaded it to my Pc and the Map had missing houses fields felt out of place

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