COW FARM V1.0.0.5


Welcome to the Cow Farm.

We are talking about an unrealistic map where I tried to make as much dairy farming and every other animal as possible.

Which can be found:
– 20 plots of land (there are small and large lands)
– Basic animals (3500 cows and 2000 sheps).
– Basic plants
– Even lighting is available
– On the map there is also a forest area and natural water sources

Extreme Cow Farm:
Welcome to Cow Farm Extreme, which is an expanded version, because there are now huge lands on it!
-15 larger lands!
-Basic animals (2000 sheep, 3500 cows, almost 3000 pigs!
-Basic plants!
-Many products for sale at the points of sale!
-Natural river!
– etc.
There are high performance machines.

!!!! A new save is required!!!!

Thanks to every modder who allowed me to use your mod.
There are high performance machines.


– Added PS4 and Extreme Version!
-I updated the roads!
-Fixed some bugs!
-Fixed some more stations for sale!
-Some trees have been deleted!
-I repainted all the roads and gave all the sites/dispatch stations a slightly more realistic ground cover.
-I changed the cows!
-Removed multiple materials on same node issues.
– And many other!

– I reduced the size of the file
– I have expanded the feeding capacity of the animals
– liquid manure capacity has become 100,000 Liter
– milk capacity: 345,000 Liter
– Straw: 260,000 Liter
– Food has grown by 200,000 liters
– Food capacity: 120,000 liters
– I added a couple of bigger machines
– I added a larger capacity feeding cart
– I reduced the size of the course
– I updated the PDA map

-I added a larger grassy area next to the cows!
-All bushes can be removed!
-I updated my PDA
-I added a telescopic loader and some bales to the cows!
-I added two more farmlands to the farm and the lambs!
-I’ve fixed a few things on custom machines to pick up potatoes and fodder beets!
-Also for console release!



2.5/5 - (19 votes)

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swamp land farming
swamp land farming
7 months ago

remove the grass fances it would be a cool map

9 months ago

I like the map, my only issue is the hedges are to close to be able to move a semi with trailer through so you get stuck every time. Maybe make it so you can delete some of the bushes and even some of the buildings off. Or make the openings wider so you can drive through better without having to jump the bushes.

1 year ago

Great map and I love the idea. Would be helpful to increase food capacity for the cows and sheep. Capacity is very under sized.

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