You like the original Haut Beyleron but it’s too small for you, then the department (county) Haut Beyleron might be right for you. Great for multiplayer.

With the department (district) Haut Beyleron you get a 4-way map that has its origins in the Haut Beyleron, so it’s not just a conversion of the map but an extension of the original Giants FR map.
The map has been expanded in the style of the original map and now simply offers more areas for agriculture etc. to make it more interesting for multiplayer. So my recommendation is clear, the map is less made for single players without CP and AD.
The map now has 99 fields (the largest has 50 ha), a Lohner main courtyard and 4 standard courtyards in the corners and also 4 BGA’s. There are also productions installed on the map that are visually larger on the one hand, but also have more bars (and cost). There is a large cow and sheep pasture for those of you who enjoy raising cattle. The top left fields are for grapes and the top right for olives (but don’t have to). Since the card is still in beta status, my clear recommendation is not to build anything further on it, because productions are still being added and existing products are being expanded. I installed a 4x fermenter/grass dryer at the hardware store, so 4 different players or farms can buy and use them here. No products can be sold in the productions, there are corresponding triggers for this, most of which have already been visually identified. There should also be no orders where stuff has to be carted into productions.
In the main courtyard there is a straw and fodder store that naturally accepts bales, but they have to be placed on the conveyor belt (so don’t be surprised, it has to be like this). Since there is enough to do on the map, there is no multifruit. If you want more fruits, you have to install them yourself. But also here the hint, only do that when the final is out!

At this point it should be said that a lot of small things are still missing, such as decoration, delineators and lighting in and on the productions. So there will be at least weekly updates until the final. If something needs to be changed in the savegame, there are of course instructions for this.
Autodrive courses are 95% complete and will be shipped later, so don’t worry. I think now on the WE there will still be. We have of course tested the map, but errors can certainly creep in here and there.


Changes for Update Beta (Default):
– the small furniture production now also needs empty pallets (available from version
– the numbers above the gates of the wholesaler are now illuminated (available from version
– fixed floating parking lot marker at gas station south/west ( available from version )
– added missing lighting in the middle of the BGA (available from version
– fixed a serious error caused by defective sales triggers in the large warehouse (available from version
– Added missing collision on 2 supports of the large warehouse (available from version
– added new displays at the farm silos, only work with Sly’s mod! Only the content from the main store or main silo is currently displayed (available from version
– the symbol for order was displayed in the wrong place by the shopping park (available from version
– at the greenhouses there is now also one for unloading at the water marking to make it clearer that everything else has to be delivered there (available from version

Changes for Update Beta:
– Danger! The big oil mill will be removed and replaced by a new one elsewhere ( available from version )
– repaired defective chipboard pallet (available from version
– adjusted some consumptions and production quantities in productions (available from version
– new warehouse complex with buying stations (available from version
– various changes (available from version
– There are now 2 card versions Standard and DLC Platinum Expansion ready (available from version
( For the DLC Platinum Expansion version, DLC must be present and activated! )
– new products from the Platinum Expansion DLC (available from version
Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no

Changes for Update Beta:
– increased the production rate of pig feed production ( available from version )
– Moved the purchase trigger of the potato production to the correct position (available from version
– In the wood chip storage now also chaff goes (available from version
– Various filling quantities in productions adjusted (available from version
– set various floating markers on the ground (available from version
– Added honey muffin to the Grand Bakery ( available from version )
– Added potato production croquettes ( available from version )
– Added mayonnaise to food production ( available from version )
– Soybean oil and soybean meal removed from Big Oil Mill (will later be generally removed) ( available from version )
– various small changes (available from version
– further productions can now be renamed (available from version
– Added more missing shop images ( available from version )
Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no

Changes for Update Beta:
– Removed floating bicycles and other decorative objects near the train station (fixed from version
– Added missing text variable for train station east (fixed from version
– Fixed 2 warnings from sellpoints (fixed from version
– new product in the potato factory -> oven fried potatoes ( available from version )
– a large part of the lighting on the map was mistakenly placed in the BGA center, now it is where it belongs ( fixed from version )
– Purchase station east at the gas station slightly offset (only applies to new savegames) (available from version
– the collision in the railing was missing on some bridges (fixed from version
– Sales trigger biomass thermal power station is no longer displayed twice in the shop (fixed from version
– Added missing ball trigger in hardware store (fixed from version
– Increased trigger on the fermenters (available from version
– Added pig feed production at the pigsty (only for new savegames, but a placeable one is also available in the shop) (available from version
– New wood sale at the log production (available from version
– Collectibles now work (30 pieces) ( available from version )
– New water buying station at the big bakery (available from version
– Products can now also be transported without pallets (additional mod required) (available from version
– other minor optimizations (available from version

Changes for Update Beta:
– placed floating tree (fixed from version
– placed floating parking lines (fixed from version
– Since silage can no longer be sold in the BGA’s, there are 2 new points of sale for silage, manure, liquid manure & fermentation residues (available from version
– New storage for wood chips (can be placed) already placed on the farm for new savegames (available from version
– added more language variables ( available from version )
– East railway station renewed (available from version
– the hardware store now also accepts silage (available from version
– added more decoration elements ( available from version )
– added more signage ( available from version )
– new products in large sugar factory -> sugar beet syrup light & dark (available from version
– Removed bulk goods sale point from corner shop (available from version
– new products in gr. furniture factory -> kitchen furniture (available from version
– adjusted some prices and consumptions (available from version
– Grape packaging and olive packaging can now also be bought/placed (available from version
– The shelter with lighting and the small garage with lighting can now be bought/placed ( available from version )
– removed the 2 lanterns on the olive packer (available from version

Changes for Update Beta:
– bug in fr-lang ( fixed from version )
– All BGA’s can now be removed by selling (available from version
– All buildings of the BGA’s can be removed if changes are made to the savegame. But be careful, some buildings cannot be repositioned or placed in the required angle! (available from version, see instructions)
– With new savegames, floodlights are now placed on the wedge silos (available from version
– Unloading speed of some pallets adjusted (available from version
– Added missing collision at the silos at the big bakery ( available from version )

Changes required in the savegame: optional
There are instructions for the change in my Discord! #last update

Changes for Update Beta:
– repaired broken orka palette (available from version
– Increased butter production rate in the dairy (available from version
– New production – more olive plantation (available from version
– New products – Strawberry syrup, raspberry syrup & cherry syrup – Production in the jam production (available from version
– The BGA Center buildings can now be removed to place the Pumps N’ Hoses Pack BGA. The hall, gas stations and scales cannot be removed (available from version
– First information signs installed (available from version
– changed some consumption and production rates (available from version
– small changes to the dairy building (available from version
– the big dairy now also produces – strawberry milk, raspberry milk & cherry milk (available from version

Changes for Update Beta:
– in the jam factory, no cherries are accepted for cherry jam (fixed from version
– Tree in the building of the cherry olive plantation (fixed from version
– Removed strawberry milk from jam production (available from version
– New fruit in greenhouse -> raspberries (available from version
– New product in the jam factory -> raspberry jam (available from version
Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no

Changes for Update Beta:
– Fixed floating lamp on the GwH (available from version
– Strawberry milk cannot be stored (ext. pallet storage as mod) (fixed from version
– new production cherry & olive plantation -> new product cherries (available from version
– new product in food production -> tomato-mozzarella salad (available from version
– new product in jam production -> cherry jam (available from version
– Added additional decorative elements (available from version
– removed faulty elements (available from version
– new production (placeable) sweets made of honey -> honey candy and honey lollipops (available from version
– Adjusted production rate of cucumbers in Greenhouse XL (available from version
– Production rate of empty pallets further increased (available from version
– Poplars no longer have to be rolled after planting (available from version
-> Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no
-> My recommendation is to delete the splitShapes.gmss in the savegame (this will reset all trees)

Changes for Update Beta ( version can be skipped! )
– missing language variable in the large furniture production added (available from version
– fixed missing collision in the big mill (available from version
– Wood production is now added to the map (available from version
-> Changes in the savegame necessary: no

Changes for Update Beta:
– Added FillType sales unit | for productions that sell at the same time like the Big Bakery (available from version
– added more language variables (available from version
– Tank trailer now also gets water at the waterworks (available from version
– some objects were moved to make AD some space (available from version
– Sales products in the bakery do not return empty pallets, otherwise they will spawn without a mod ( available from version )
– the standard trigger in the bakery no longer takes bread (available from version
– the bakery now also sells cheese bread from its own production. Cheese must be delivered (available from version
– the dairy now sells cheese bread from its own production, bread must be delivered (available from version
– the pigsty now has a mark where the straw must be tipped (available from version
– repaired defective pallets (available from version
– new production furniture factory -> products: furniture, chipboard (available from version
– Empty pallets can now be bought again, but are very expensive to make their sale unprofitable (available from version
– some production rates changed (BGA, empty pallets, etc.) (available from version
– Added exterior lighting to the small garage (only installed on the map) (available from version
– Enlarged area at the textile furniture production (available from version
-> Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no

Changes for Update Beta:
– Lighting at the logistics yard can now be removed (available from version
– placed floating tree ( available from version )
– new production – veggie production > oat drink, soy drink, tofu, okara ( available from version )
– created corresponding palettes – soy drink, oat drink, tofu & okara (available from version
– BGA now also consumes okara + liquid manure (available from version
– Changed the first roads to a new collision mask (available from version
– some productions can now be sold without them disappearing afterwards (available from version
– Added oatmeal to the big grinder ( available from version )
– adjusted some property prices (available from version
-> Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no
-> If you don’t get the ground on the veggie production with the landscaping tool, you can download the current terrain.heightmap.png from my DC under last_update

Version Beta
– fixed broken path for mozzarella pallets (available from version
– removed floating barrier (available from version
– various duplicate files removed (available from version
– Large mill modified to make room for another production (please do not build on it! | available from version )
-> Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no

Version Beta
– Soybean oil pallets can now be stored in the (mod) pallet warehouse (available from version
– Added additional deco map edge (available from version
– Adjusted palette limit in the sheep pastures of the spawn area (available from version
– Greenhouses now also have cucumbers (available from version
– The food production now also produces cucumber salad (available from version
– Reduced filling volume for pallets in the big mill (available from version
– Added empty pallets in standard cheese factory (available from version
– Added mozzarella in standard cheese shop and removed butter ( available from version )
– Added potato production > potato wedges ( available from version )
– Added more language variables ( available from version )
– new products entered in corresponding sales outlets (available from version
– the main silo can now also be bought (without decoration) (available from version
– Large Mill -> Corn Flour ( available from version )
– VK prices for textile reduced (available from version
– in the tree trunk production could be sold, now no longer (available from version
– Installed a few entrance barriers as a test (available from version
-> Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no

Version Beta
– Bulk material could be dumped on roads (fixed from version
– PDA further adapted (available from version
– Further adjustments to consumption in productions (available from version
– Added food production > ketchup ( available from version )
– Added potato production > fries ( available from version )
– Increased yield on olives (available from version
– Yield increased for grapes (available from version
– Removed duplicate purchase station ( available from version )
– Mineral feed added to purchase station (available from version
– Added more language variables ( available from version )
– Fixed bug in FR translation (available from version
-> Changes in the savegame necessary: ​​no

– additional barrier at the feed store to prevent balls from being pushed over it (available from version
– Repositioned pallet spawner for pallets at Schafstall Nord (available from
– Water tanks repositioned at the north cow pasture (available from version
– Fixed trigger on jam production (available from version
– Ground smoothed at Kuhweide Nord (available from version
– Garage moved to the north cow pasture (available from version, only for new savegames)
– added more empty pallets to productions (available from version
– div cleanup ( available from version )
– Changed consumption for some productions (available from version
– Added FR translation ( available from )

-> Changes to the placeables.xml necessary: ​​no
-> Replacing the terrain.heightmap.png necessary: ​​yes
-> Delete the splitShapes.gmss necessary: ​​no (Caution, the trees will be reset)
-> Delete the 3 cache files necessary: ​​recommended

What will be in the next updates:
– Conversion of remaining productions to the consumption of empty pallets
– Adding more products in food production
– Balancing demand and consumption in the productions
– more details
– Lighting and decoration on productions
– miscellaneous and troubleshooting

If you update from version beta to version it is an adjustment of the placeables.xml
optional (only if you want to move the garage, info on Discord how to do that).

This is how you update from to
– Quit your game and make a backup of your current savegame
– exchange the terrain.heightmap.png in your savegame with the supplied file (ground is adjusted)
– deletes the 3 cache files (OPTIONAL! Ground textures are redrawn this way)
– Satartet the game and use the landscaping tool to remove the grass at the north sheep pasture on the shifted pallet spawner
– Have fun

Changes for Update Beta:
– Apple palettes are performance-heavy (fixed in update
– Hotel lighting on the building defective (fixed in update
– Pallet spawner at the chicken coop too small for 8 pallets (fixed in update
– Feed trigger on the chicken coop too small or not in a good position (fixed in update
– Empty pallets cannot be bought (fixed in update – Empty pallets can be bought in the shop/dealer)
– Added lighting at the large bakery (available from verion
– Added more delineators (available from version
– Merged pallet spawners in the large bakery (available from version
– New textile production ( available from version )
– New dairy (available from version
– New products – milk powder, UHT milk (available from version
– Egg pallets are unloading too slowly (fixed in update
– removed some superfluous files ( available from version )

-> Changes to the placeables.xml necessary: ​​no
-> Replacing the terrain.heightmap.png necessary: ​​no

Patch Notes for Version Beta

These bugs have been fixed
– Ground on road at square 50 ( fixed in next update )
– Ground at courtyard 3 has a slope, causing chairs and tables to float, etc. (fixed in the next update – for savegames, please exchange with the enclosed terrain.heightmap.png!)
– the feed trigger of the chicken farm is too small ( fixed in the next update )
– duplicate palettes in buy menu ( fixed in next update )
– New production: Apple plantation (from the next update on the map – for savegames please exchange with the enclosed terrain.heightmap.png!)
– New production: apple juice / vinegar production (from the next update on the map – for savegames please exchange with the enclosed terrain.heightmap.png!)
– New range of spice mixtures in the purchase menu (available from the dealer from the next update
– Fence on the horse paddock is missing (fixed in the next update Attention, if it is there, please remove it for the update, since a new one will be set (should be able to be deleted via the construction menu)!
– AdBlue graphic is missing on the fuel pump (fixed in the next update
– New point of sale: Hotal Central (from the next update on the map – for savegames please exchange with the enclosed terrain.heightmap.png!)
– New product: tomato salad ( from next update in food production )
– New product: Onions ( from next update in greenhouse )
– New point of sale: food production export/sale (from next update on the food production site)
– Added some crash barriers here and there (from next update on some roads)
– the manure station in the middle cannot be purchased separately (can be purchased separately from the next update
– New production “The Best of Potatoes” (from next update on the map), initially produces chips (salt, paprika, pepperoni, cheese)
– Some language variables added, so renaming can take place (included from next update
– Buy stations have a changed offer and are therefore selling:
Seeds, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, lime, road salt and seling agents are cheaper here – manure, liquid manure, potatoes and straw (are more expensive here)
– Olive pallets are not picked up by the AutoLoader ( fixed in the next update )

-> Changes to the placaebles.xml necessary: ​​no
-> Replacing the terrain.heightmap.png necessary: ​​yes

If you update from version beta to version there is no adjustment of the placaebles.xml

This is how you update from to
– Quit your game and make a backup of your current savegame
– exchange the terrain.heightmap.png in your savegame with the provided file
– Satartet the game and clear the place where the hotel is (in the upper forest) from grass and bushes
– save and exit game
– now exchange the map from
– deletes the 3 cache files in the savegame
– delete the splitShapes.gmss to reset the trees (optional)
– start your game. The new items will be placed automatically
– Have fun



4.8/5 - (41 votes)

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zip FS22_Departement_Haut_Beyleron 542 MB
zip AutoDrive_config 662 KB

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1 month ago

hi, brill map, one of most beautiful I saw. Just look at resources/financial balance in cheese Lune – for 25 cheese I need 50 milk. For 50 milk I´d get >100 when just sold. For 25 cheese I´ll get 140 and have even to add pretty costly pallets. Looks to me not enough attractive. cheers

Last edited 1 month ago by jamalalicha
selling shoes
selling shoes
10 days ago

Hi, the map is really great, I just found a mistake that when I do a mission and I have to take it to the selling Big Sellingcenter, it shows me that I should dump it by the river and not where it should be. Thank you for answer.

Last edited 10 days ago by selling shoes
Steve TRI
Steve TRI
3 days ago

Found an issue with crop not growing after first harvest. For some reason when I plant again and fast forward the months nothing grows even tho in settings everything is correct

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