If you are as passionate about dirt as Mike Mitchell is, then this map might be for you. Welcome to Evergreen Acres, a (fictional) government subsidized “organic” farm. Your being tasked with managing a modern cereal (grain) farming operation based in Southwest Saskatchewan Canada. It was a successful spring seeding, and the crop is looking to be in great shape, should yield great payouts. So, sit back and enjoy the summer while your crops grow because a large harvest is around the corner, but can you harvest in time for the cold winter. Make sure your equipment is ready and heck why not take some government contracts with the land up north, they are always looking for someone who gives a hoot. Cutting, bailing, and gathering that hay with the mysterious chemical growing stuff can be very rewarding. Those contracts tend to take up your time so be prepared and maybe bring in some help. Oh, and don’t forget, the southern field needs a tending too, Rocks everywhere! Good luck with that.


-Built in Auto-Drive Course (click esc or no when prompted to auto build a course when starting a new game) please note, it’s just a basic setup to the buy and sell points on the map. Customize further to your farming style.

– The terrain and the environment is based on the little demographic information I could find of a 2km by 2km area of southwest Saskatchewan. I’ve of course altered to adapt to FS gameplay. The trees you find in this area have most likely been planted to shield from the snow and wind.

-For “New Farmer” Mode, I suggest having the mods I’ve linked out below when starting out as well as my personal collection of mods that can be downloaded here on the Northwest Mods & Edits Itch page. These mods are part of the starting farms default vehicles and buildings. I’ve also included a few starting vehicles from the DLC packs so enable those if you have them. Take them to the shop to customize to your liking or sell them and replace with your favorite mods.

-“Farm Manager” and “Start from Scratch” mode will begin with a clean map and all the main farm placeables removed. Including fences and trees, great for building your own farm from “scratch”

-I’ve included the foliage cultivator brush created by modder emproLoop. With this, you can paint new fields and easily delete or change how the fields are laid out. Brushes for the custom meadow grass and field grass are in the store as well.

-Custom Icons

-you can find a Dynamic Stone pile placeable in the store and one pre-placed near the most southern field.

-The custom bins and tanks can be found in the store so you can add more if you desire.

-If you use Precision Farming DLC, I’ve included an adjustable antenna I created that you can mount on your buildings. Once it’s been place you have 2 different height options to choose from. (Approach the immediate area of the antenna to see the toggle animation option) Please note that this mod will load with an un-avoidable error due to how the game loads the DLC. Shouldn’t affect your gameplay.

I hope some of you will find this map enjoyable, it suits my basic gameplay. I love messing about with large scale farming equipment, and as you might have notice I’m a fan of Mike Mitchell. I appreciate the information he shares with everyone, it’s quite an operation he runs over there. Check him out on YouTube if you haven’t already.

Mods required for New Farmer mode are from the official Giants Mod hub.


– modDesc version updated
– terrain shader fixed for Update 1.9.1
– added support for MudSystem Mod (waterways are now mud when using the mod, choose your tires wisely when “mucking” around those areas.
– minor tweaks and adjustments

– modDesc version updated.
– added baughtWithFarm tag on included placeables.
– added snow mask to public properties and roads.
– added seriousmods stubble destruction.
– adjusted fill speed of coop liquids.
– removed fence from map files and linked “FS22_meadowFence_placeables” to official mod from Giants mod hub.
– added Lentils, Peas and Flax from South Sasks and Bcbuhlers Edgewater map on the official mod hub.
– added seasonal calendar from South Sasks and Bcbuhlers Edgewater map on the official mod hub. (I found this to be more challenging than what I had before)
– map is swather ready (requires the accommodating mods by BcBuhler)
– added custom soil, lime and weed textures from JMZ


North West Mods & Edits

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1 month ago

The fields have 50 plus field dimensions for each field the ai workers just give up

Reply to  John
21 days ago

Best to use course play and autodrive on this map.

1 month ago

the ground plan on the map looks like a mirror. What can we do?

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