FSH MODDING MAP V5.0 Original version 3


There are 4 animals in it, I put down more factories than the wood industry department, a season mask has been placed, it is worth selling 6 items in it. landscaping works, there are trees and bushes in it and even vines just need to be laid down.
trees that I could replace colors change from spring to fall and winter. I tried to keep the map style of farming 15.67 There is land on the map, it can be bought, there are no quests. Thanks a lot to FSH modding for everything I could share with you. Good game added! Good harvest! unzip me, unzip the 2 zip files to the mods folder for the map to work perfectly.


FSH modding map v5 Original version 3
I apologize to those who downloaded version 2, though there was a bug in the fact that the game froze when scrolling through the growth phases for soil types, well I was able to fix that. All I could test was that it loaded and didn’t freeze at that point. For the map to work perfectly, a new career must be started, it is not possible to continue saving unfortunately! Alternatively, the contents of FSH_unzip me must be placed in the mods folder.

FSH modding map v5 Original version 2
2 new trains have been added, the owners of the lands are new (pictures), the Extrem Terrain angle has been added, the mode where the furrow changes from about 360 degrees to about 10 degrees if you plow, etc., the basic multi angle changes every 25 degrees.
The good news for me is that I made the forest more atmospheric and the trees themselves were replaced by paper trees and paper bushes, these are seasonal trees.
I mostly fixed these, so I didn’t change the style of the map, but I replaced the colder trees and bushes.
It is advisable and you will do well to start the map again, because this will load the extreme terrain angle, for example.


Bala, Szmate, Pali97, Bazsiremap

4.4/5 - (25 votes)

Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_FSH_unzip_me 780 MB
zip FS22_CowBarnBig 24 MB

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Dali Levente
Dali Levente
1 year ago

Szia az lenne a kérdésem hogy nem tudnátok meg oldani hogy fent legyen a map modhubon mert csak úgy tudnék játszani a mapon

Reply to  Dali Levente
1 month ago

Szia jó lenne ha mod hubon is lelehetne tölten

2 years ago

Szia, a térkép nagyon jó. Lesznek frissítések? Kár, hogy nincsenek megbízások.

2 years ago

Helló. A legjobb térkép, amit hosszú ideje láttam, gratulálok. Remélem, folyamatosan frissítik, hogy minden alkalommal, amikor jobb, felülmúlhatatlan legyen. Nagyon szépen köszönöm. Üdvözlet Argentínából.
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