Goldcrest Valley fans know this map, it was converted from FS17 and later from FS19 by Puma 145.

I made it a bit more modern, it was originally intended as a private map but I decided to share it with everyone.

So what did I change?

First up: the cowshed. A cow shed is not suitable for a city. And this is also an old barn, from FS 2017. I removed it, and the school building was perfect for the vacant lot. If someone still wants to keep cows, there are cowsheds created by GIANTS as well as much more modern ones made by mod masters.

And Maplefield kids can’t go to Erlengrat school, it’s too far. Therefore, a new school building was built according to the same project as in Erlengrat. Sheep, pigs and chickens husbandry are located in old places.

Second: the church. A town the size of Maplefield isn’t complete without a church. I added a church from OKUSEDMODS.

Third: Emergency. A free mod is available Emergency Pack from Creative Mesh, so the fire station has been added. This is from the GIANTS US base map.

Fourth: collectibles. I don’t mind running around the map looking for toys. All the toys are located in one place: at the entrance to the old mine. If someone wants to make a million, go and pick them up. Then the toys appear for sale, like the GIANTS on the base map, to the Gody’s Toy Store.

Fifth: License plates. Since the map is US, I also use US license plates from Mayto. The collection has license plates of all 50 U.S states. By default, I use the Idaho state license plate. If you want to change license plate, you need to open the zip folder. In the folder maps/licensePlates/textures 50 state dds files are located. Choose the one you like and rename it and replace with the current file.

Sixth: neighbors and surrounding landowners. Puma had these FR map names, I gave them new names. If you look carefully, you will see that some of your neighbors are namesakes of famous US actors: like Harrison Ford, Christina Applegate, etc. Of course, this is a coincidence, and the actors are not going to plow the fields.

Seventh: the beginning of agricultural machinery. I’m a John Deere fan. For starters, there are three tractors and the combine is a John Deere.

Those are the changes I made, I hope you like it.

Important!!! Install this zip file in pdlc folder, which is located in your game location, that then Farming Simulator 2022/pdlc folder. Because the objects are brought here directly from the base maps, then the map in the mod folder won’t work.



map converted from FS 17 by Puma 145, modified by Aiku
Church from OKUSEDMODS
License plates from Mayto
GIANTS Software

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5 months ago

first up, maplefield is not a city, it is a small town. All you had to do was replace the old cow shed with a new one.

Second up. You left the pointlessly annoying french police siren that constantly goes off in the disatance.

Third up. Did you ask Puma145 for permission?

Fourth up. Too many trees

Fifth up. You say you dont mind searching for collectables, so you placed nearly all of them in one place and left the one outside the farm yard where it is, well done

Sixth up. you took out the old cowshed, but left the farm yard with equally outdated sheds

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