TALBACH 2K23 V2.0.0.0 BETA22

New save game is required

FS22 game version:
– FS22 must have version, otherwise the map will not run

Required mods:
LSFM BigBag Pack: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM BigBag Pack)
LSFM Farm Equipment Pack: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM Farm Equipment Pack )
LSFM Universal Ball Bearing: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM Universal Ball Bearing)
ObjectStorage Mod: GtX|Andy
Meridian TL12-39 AL: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: Meridian TL12-39 AL )

Optional mods:
– NEW: If you want to play with MaizePlus, you need the file “FS22_maizePlus_animalFoodAdditions.zip” in your mod folder. The feeding of the animals was adjusted here. Many thanks to Achimobil for the release (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
– NEW: Maize Plus: The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher
– NEW: RealismAddon AnimalGrazing: model saver

– GoeweilFilltypesExtension Mod: Ifko[nator] (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
– PrecisionFarming: GIANTS Software (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
– manureSystem: Wopster (Modhub Download v1.2.0.0 is required)
– BPG_driveDistance Mod (Built in the PickUp) (LSFM Download)
– RealGPS Mod (Built in the PickUp) (LSFM Download)
– Vertex IC Mod (Built in PickUp and various trailers) (Modhub Download)
– K75B WIFO: 76-Max (Modhub Download)
– Cantilever rack: PrivatPrivat (Modding World Download)

After downloading you will receive a RAR file, which you must first unzip. However, ZIP files do not need to be unpacked because they are already the mods.

Contents of the “FS22 Talbach AIO Pack”:
In the map pack there are 3 folders one with the name “autoDrive_Kurse”, “customPDA_Talbach” and “optionalMods”

The AD course for the map is stored here. This is adapted to the current status of the map

Here is a customized PDA map for our mod “RealGPS”. You can find the mod on the LSFM page under “Downloads”. Please note the installation video for “customPDA”.

“optional mods”
There is an adapted precision farming version here that has been specially adapted for compost, clover and alfalfa
You can also find the Goeweil Filltype Extension here, this is an additional mod for the Goeweil DLC which makes it possible to process the extra bales on the Talbach
NEW: Maize Plus AnimalFoodAdditions which adapts the feeding under Maize Plus for the Talbach

General information about other mods or DLCs:
– NEW: Maize Plus is fully supported on the current map version. Current Maize Plus Mod from Modhub is recommended
– NEW: AnimalGrazing is supported on the current map version. Current RealismAddon AnimalGrazing Mod from Modhub is recommended

– Precision farming is fully supported since version of the map. Function of compost, clover & alfalfa, the use of the adapted version of Precision Farming is necessary (included in the pack)
– Göweil DLC is fully supported here
– Danger! The productions from the Platinum DLC (ForestDLC) are not supported on the map because there are no sales points for the products
– You can tell me which mods don’t mix here: Talbach 2K23 v2.0.0.0 BETA2

Update BETA1:
modDesc version increased to current patch
Fixed fruit destruction
Added translations XMLs
FarmLands completely redesigned
All roads have snow masks
FillTypes have been revised
Entire map, equipped as best as possible with manure system including the custom productions from GTX|Andy (thanks to JoPi for that)
Added alfalfa
Added animated NPCs (releases are available)
Some XMLs from Landersum added, as well as various adjustments (approval is available)
Small animals from Hof Bergmann installed (approval is available, Enhanced Animal System is not required)
PDA map adapted accordingly
CustomPDA for “RealGPS” included in the pack
AD courses included in the pack
Added new soil texture for manure (Texture by [HTM]hhoottee_TV)
Added clover (textures by [HTM]hhoottee_TV)
Added Traffic Lights by Achimobil
Flowering cover crop by EswirdSchlimmer (approval is available)(PrecisionFarming ready)
LS19 Halle by Steffen30MUC (Completely built on the new texture system)
Many decorations are based on the seasons or are time-controlled by Landbauer
Custom Marker Icons by Landbauer, RepiGaming
Landscape completely redesigned
All productions renewed (Not compatible with RevAmp, otherwise the adapted productions on the map would no longer work and this could lead to problems)
Not MaizePlus compatible
Talbacher vehicle pack:
– Nissan Navara 2017 Pickup. Known from Hof Bergmann also represented at Talbach (prepared for VertexIC, RealGPS & Drive Distance)
– Pallet fork (front loader)
– grass trimmer. Giants decorative model as a grass trimmer for your small meadows
– Joskin AquaTrans. Rebuilt and on manure system. FillTypes inserted according to the map
– Böckmann MH-AL 4320/35 trailer. Prepared for VertexIC
– Fliegl Noah TTW 140 animal transporter. Prepared for VertexIC. Functions from Farmer_Andy’s animal transporter incorporated. Can be strewn with straw and mucked out again after animals have been transported
– Lizard MKS8 universal trailer. Rebuilt and converted to manure system. FillTypes inserted according to the map
GöweilPackFilltypesExtension (optional mod):
– LT Master & Vario Master accept wet alfalfa hay and wet clover hay to wrap into silage bales
– Both round balers can press and wrap wet alfalfa hay and wet clover hay directly from the field
PrecisionFarming (optional mod):
– Compatibility with compost. Same effect as spreading manure (manure)
– Added seed strength for alfalfa and clover. Seeding rate corresponds to the values of grass (grass)
– Added Alfalfa & Clover support to Crop Sensor
Orange plantation:
– This only requires water which is filled into the water tank (manureSystem ready)
– There are also IBC tanks scattered around that collect rainwater. Can be removed with a bucket to fill the water tank
– The trees are not watered or harvested individually
– To remove he oranges you need the appropriate fillable boxes. Buy via shop
Fish farming:
– Completely new farmhouse that you can enter including bedroom and wardrobe triggers
– 6 plots for breeding fish. The fish are fed with fish food. A wheelbarrow or bucket is recommended to feed the fish
– 3 BigBag poles distributed throughout the facility + 1 storage hall
– The fish appear in boxes on the corresponding markers. Selling fish at the restaurant, supermarket, MountenInn & village shop
Fish feed production:
– The plant produces fish feed for fish farming. Acceptance of: wheat, rapeseed, soybeans
– It is recommended to use a telehandler to remove the fish food for the BigBag filling station
– To the left of the hall is the BigBag filling station, which can be filled with a telehandler
– To the right of the hall there is a silo for organic waste, which the production also produces. There it is fermented into compost for your fields
Feed production:
– 2 productions in one buildin. Here you can produce pig feed and mineral feed for cows. You can find the corresponding goods in the production menu. There is also a terminal display attached showing how many goods are in production
– Appropriate collection points are located in the hall. Which production is for what was marked with icons
Fire station:
– Hall next to the building fully accessible
– Suitable for the EM Pack by CreativMesh
– Trigger for wardrobe available in the hall
Vehicle dealer:
– Entire place was redesigned and redesigned
– There are 2 workshop triggers in the hall. The left one with the access ramp for tractors and the right one for attachments, threshers
– Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. All gates close after 8 p.m
Animal dealer:
– New hall with opening times. Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. No purchase/sale of animals or bales possible after 6 p.m
– Manure and manure purchase possible. Manure can be removed with manureSystem
– Animals can be bought/sold in the hall
– Bale sales possible in the hall
– Manure purchase is possible from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. No purchase of manure possible after 6 p.m
– In front of the building on the right side door you can sell the hand-carried products
– Pallets are sold at the rear left of the building
– Sales possible from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. No sales possible after 2 p.m
– Seating area revised. Decoration reacts to the season or time
– Sales possible from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. No sales possible after 2 p.m
– In front of the entrance there is a purchase trigger for cat food, cat milk and garden fertilizer. After purchase, the products appear in front of the building in the loading zone
– Certain products can be sold behind the building
– Supermarket is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. No purchase of cat food, cat milk or garden fertilizer possible after 8 p.m
– Sales acceptance possible from 3 a.m. to 11 a.m. No sales possible after 11 a.m. Accordingly, the right barrier opens at 3 a.m
Hardware store:
– Building completely accessible
– In the building at checkout 1 next to the nice lady, there is a purchase trigger for garden fertilizer & FixFerm. After purchase, this appears behind the building in the loading zone area
– Behind the building is the purchase of liquid fertilizes and herbicides. This can be removed using the manure system. Connections are located on the left side of the shelter (left connection -> liquid fertilizer, right connection -> herbicides, marker icons available)
– Sales of products in the drive-through hall behind the building
– Hardware store is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. No purchase or sale of garden fertilizer & FixFerm is possible after 6 p.m
– Purchase of liquid fertilizer & herbicides from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. No purchases possible after 8 p.m
Garden center:
– Building completely accessible
– There is a purchase trigger for garden fertilizer &FixFerm in the building. After purchase, the products appear in the loading zone area outside the building. You can also purchase liquid manure and manure here. Manure can be removed with manureSystem
– Garden center is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. No purchase of garden fertilizer & FixFerm possible after 6 p.m
– Manure purchase is possible from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. No purchase of manure possible after 6 p.m
– Building completely renovated
– Sales of various products
– Purchase of lime, seeds, fertilizer, pig feed at the silo
– Purchase of BigBags at the building. Purchased BigBags appear in the loading zone area
– Purchases take place from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Big bags cannot be purchased after 8 p.m
– Sale of various bales possible
– 2 shelters available
– Acceptance of grain flour (This is processed into bread. You can sell the bread at restaurants, supermarkets, MountenInn & village shops)
– Acceptnce of grain flour from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Grain flour cannot be accepted after 6 p.m
Old dairy:
– Acceptance of milk (this becomes UHT milk and must be packaged by the packer)
– Acceptance of milk (you can use it to make butter. Produced butter appears in the small hall next to the dairy)
– Acceptance of milk & goat’s milk (You can use this to make cheese & goat’s cheese. Produced cheese appears in the hall next to the dairy)
– All three systems have their own terminal with display
– The dairy is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. After 7 p.m. all gates are closed and nothing can be delivered
Cold storage warehouse:
– In the large complex, the gates can be opened at the control box (left or right of the gate). There is access to the cold room. On 2 control cabinets
— do you have an overview of your cold storage (how much of the products can be stored)
Business park:
– Juice factory. Unpackaged orange juice is produced at the hall. There are 3 processes that go through here. It is recommended to distribute attachments 1 & 2
— deliver. Plant 1 also produces a by-product (organic waste). This can be dumped in the adjacent silo. This can, after fermenting into compost,
— distributed on your fields as fertilizer. The unpackaged orange juice can be picked up at the hall on the right.
– Packaging system (packaging of UHT milk -> packaged UHT milk, orange juice -> packaged orange juice. With sugar beet & orange juice, you can get it here
— Orange jam. Liquid is dispensed here using the manure system. The pallets can be stored in the hall, next to the packaging system.)
– Sales of packaged goods at restaurants, supermarkets, MountenInn & village shops
Agricultural service:
– Added halls from LS19 and some new textures
– Added workshop trigger
– Multisilo for storing seeds, lime and artificial fertilizer
– Farm tank for diesel (can be filled/collected with manure system)
– Storage tank for herbicides & liquid fertilizers (Can be filled/collected with manureSystem)
Main courtyard:
– Rebuilt with new buildings and expanded
– Free-range chickens, cats, rabbits, 1 small garden at the new farmhouse
– 1 allotment garden, orange trees & apple tree, collection of rainwater from IBC possible to water the trees & garden (all gardens, trees & IBC collect the rainwater) ==
– FixFermenter for producing silage (acceptance of: chopped material, grass (wet), clover hay (wet), alfalfa hay (wet) & FixFerm available via shop
– Hay drying system + storage (acceptance of: grass (wet), clover hay (wet) & alfalfa hay (wet). Even hay can be stored here)
– Grain dryer (With the addition of “methane” from the farm BGA, the grain can be dried here)
– Kleine Hof BGA (you can see information about which products the BGA absorbs and in what factor on the information display in the technical room. The “methane” is produced at the
— Grain drying system used. Before you put the BGA into operation, set the “methane” in the menu to distribute so that the gained amount is given every hour
— “Methane” can be fed to the grain drying system. In addition to the “methane”, the BGA also produces digestate for your fields)
– Farm filling station can be filled with manure system
– Added some ball bearings from LSFM
– Cowshed by DeeBuur completely redesigned with a new texture, calf igloo in the cowshed, 1 bale storage in the cowshed (manure, water and milk can be taken to the cowshed
— manure system to be filled/collected)
– Completely new farmhouse that you can enter including bedroom and wardrobe triggers
– The water can be filled into a barrel at the water fountain using the manure system
– Liquid fertilizer & herbicide storage can be filled/collected with manureSystem
– Seed silo for storing seeds
– Lagoon for storing manure. Can be filled/emptied with manureSystem
Sheep pasture:
– New hall, collection of goat’s milk, compost silo (goat’s milk & water can be filled/collected with manureSystem)
Pig farm:
– New hall, bale storage added by LSFM (manure & water can be filled/collected with manureSystem)
Horse farm:
– Horse paddock renewed, horse stable added, LSFM bale storage added
– New hall, goat milk collection, LSFM bale storage added. Goat milk & water can be filled/collected with manureSystem
– At the water fountain, the water can be filled into a barrel using the manure system


– Fixes/adjustments
– Changes to the XMLs (placeables & vehicles)
– Optical changes/adjustments to textures of various buildings
– Additional new voice overlays added by Ela_189 & Der_Nerdling. Use of the sounds on other maps “ONLY” with the consent of the creator
– PDA map & customPDA map completely recreated
– PDA name of the juice factories adjusted (orange juice factory, apple juice factory)
– PDA name of BayWa adjusted (BayWa (city), BayWa (village)). Should also fit with the orders
– All animal farms must now be purchased (sheep pasture, pig farm, horse farm, sheep farm)
– All traffic signs replaced
– Fixed: Optical pallets at the greengrocer (FarmersMarket). Appeared at the wrong times
– Fixed: fillPlane of the carrots. These were displayed as wheat
– Fixed: Missing l10n entries

– Performance Map:
— The Test Runner tool was used here to adjust the map a little more
— A lot of textures were saved in DXT or DXT + MipMap
— Unusable and unused textures removed
— Buildings: Textures adjusted/renewed, Colli adjusted/renewed, Occluder adjusted/renewed
— Further changes regarding. Performance in progress
— ZIP size reduced from over 2.1 GB to 1.8 GB

– Orange/apple juice factory:
— Both productions have been completely rebuilt
— In this regard, there is a completely new hall for both productions

– Yard:
— From now on, the doors of the large garage must be opened/closed from the inside (trigger on the respective switch)
— The gate to the street side can also be opened from the outside (trigger to the left of the gate outside, in the hall at the switch)
— Optical extensions to the yard (e.g. shelter for the bale stands)
— New silo models at FixFerm & pellet production

– Alfalfa pellets:
— The addition of water & molasses has been removed here

– Bakery/butcher’s shop:
— All sales rooms can now be entered
— The bakery’s production (city) is now in the bakery
— The butcher’s production (sandwich, city) is now in the storeroom of the house
— The bakery’s sales point (village) is now in the sales room
— Pay attention to the opening times. If it’s closed, then it’s closed

– Garden (city, village)
— The residents have got a bargain and put up a garden shed for you. You can now store your small items in there that you need for the garden

NEW on the map:
– Sawmill:
— BigBag filling system added for packing wood chips in big bags

– Talbach beekeeper:
— There are 2 purchase points on the map for producing honey
— To get the honeycombs from the hive, you have to buy empty boxes from the dealer. These can be filled at the hives
— The honey extractor is located in the shed to extract honey from it
– BioFermenter:
— From now on, organic waste must be filled into the BioFermenter in order to get compost. Accordingly, the organic waste silos were removed (orange factory, fish feed factory)
— Organic waste was also removed from the silo (sheep pasture behind the hall)
– Talbacher oil mill:
— Opposite the BioFermenter is the new Talbacher oil mill. All oil crops are processed there
— ManureSystem ready
— Required for cooking oil: rapeseed, sunflowers, soybeans
— Required for frying oil: rapeseed, sunflowers, soybeans & methane
— The cooking oil produced can be sold at various sales outlets
— The frying oil produced can “NOT” be sold in this way. This is required when making French fries

– Talbacher IndustrialFood Fries:
— Here you can have your potatoes processed into French fries
— ManureSystem ready
— This requires: potatoes, water, frying oil & methane
— Output: French fry pallets, waste water & organic waste
— The French fry pallets can be sold at various sales points

– Talbacher IndustrialFood Ketchup:
— Here you can have your tomatoes & onions processed into ketchup
— ManureSystem ready
— This requires: tomatoes, onions, beet pulp, water
— Output: ketchup pallets, waste water & organic waste
— The ketchup pallets can be sold at various sales points

– Warehouse near the oil mill:
— The pallets can be stored/removed from storage at the warehouse. The GIANTS ObjectStorage was installed for this purpose
— Assumption: French fries pallets, ketchup pallets & cooking oil pallets
— ATTENTION: It is recommended that you “DO NOT” fill the warehouse to capacity. The more pallets are stored, the more the performance (FPS) drops

– Second farm (village):
— Cats have now been added to the farm

– Pig farm:
— Unfortunately, the old farm had to be demolished because of the health department
— At the same time, a new pig farm was built near the French fries factory
— A new pig sty building was built for this purpose. Thanks to Bernie SCS for his approval
— You can only store the fruit needed to feed the pigs in the FarmSilo
— There is space to place mobile silos and M+ silos
— Field 13 has been expanded accordingly on the empty space
– Small addition:
— In the shop under “Talbach Tools”, you will find a little extra to view the map from the air
— Charging stations can be found:
— In the cowshed near the calves
— Lohnerhof in the first hall opposite the farmhouse
— On the second farm near the farmhouse
— The device must be placed on the charging station with “Strong Farmer”. Then get in briefly, press the “R” key and get out again

New save game is mandatory!

Update BETA2:
– Fixes/adjustments
– Changes to XMLs (vehicles & placeables)
– Bale storage (horses, sheep, pigs) emptied
– Bale storage (yard) contents slightly reduced
– Removed the shadow effect of the lights on many buildings
– Contents of the fillable BigBox and wooden crate increased from 1000l to 2000l
– Fixed: AI PickUp Wheels
– Fixed: Colli of the UHT milk range

– Rabbit:
— Straw addition removed from the stable

– BonSilage range:
— The palette from the base game was added to the map and can now be transported without a “strong pawn”.
— Can be found in the purchase menu under “Pallets –> Consumables”
– Court:
— BigBag filling system at the cowshed. This means that alfalfa pellets can be filled into BigBags for easier feeding to rabbits and chickens

NEW on the map:
– Farmers Market:
— There is now a Farmers Market next to the supermarket. There you can sell your goods at certain stands
— You can sell all pallets at the house. Everything that is accepted is written on the board. Cooking oil coming soon
— FarmersMarket open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. No sales possible after 2 p.m
– Contract bottler/packer:
— The pallets can now be stored/retrieved from the hall. The GIANTS ObjectStorage was installed for this purpose. Only the pallets can be stored by the packer
— ATTENTION: It is recommended NOT to fully tap the bearing. The more pallets are stored, the more the performance (FPS) drops. It is recommended to store half (160 of 320).

Update BETA1:
– Fixes/adjustments
– modDesc adapted to new patch
– Changes to XMLs (vehicles & placeables)
– Added Italian translation. Thanks to iguana322
– Further ground work on the map
– More fields created in the new part
– Changed some recipes
– Purchaseable products (productions) that cost €0 are extremely expensive via “RevAmp”.
– PDA Map & customPDA adapted accordingly
– Road texture completely renewed + details
– New building signs installed
– New NPC voice overlays by Ela189 & Der_Nerdling. Use of the sounds on other maps “ONLY” with the permission of the creator
– Color changed for shelter halls (BayWa, BGA, horse farm & bottler). Previously green, now gray
– Traffic light phase times (red-yellow & yellow) adjusted from 1 to 2 seconds. Thanks to AchiMobil for his release
– Fixed: Collisions of pallets
– Fixed: Snow mask of the map
– Fixed: Loading trigger for molasses was missing. Should now be available for filling the trailer without a Manure system
– Fixed: Prices of LSFM BigBags adjusted
– Fixed: SnowPlane for objects in buildings
– Fixed: Error: Can’t load resource ‘../FS22_Talbach/maps/placeables/productionPoints/bakery/bakeryLogo02_diffuse.png
– Fixed: Light in the halls at Lohnerhof changed. Fixed conflict with simpleIC/VertexIC

– Court:
— Silo expanded for storing seeds. From now on you can also store lime and artificial fertilizer there
— BigBag shelter near the chicken coop
— Visual innovations in the farmhouse + snow cover

– Calf igloos:
— 8 igloos swapped for 4 large igloos
— Each igloo can hold 2 calves. Food, straw and manure were doubled
— The mod: Moving Husbandry Animals (MoveHusbandryAnimals) is recommended for easy relocation of the grown calves without a transport trailer

– Milk production (farm):
— Production accelerated quite a bit. 1 bag + 100l water = 150l milk ready for the calves after 5 minutes

– Bakery (city):
— Added new products for the bakery: rolls, baguettes
— All boxes changed to disposable pallets

– Juice productions:
— Dirty water added during cleaning. Must be disposed of at the sewage treatment plant

– Grain mill (flour):
— Flour sack was removed and replaced with a pallet. This can be transported by hand
— Production was readjusted accordingly
— NEW: Dried grains can now be added

– Joskin Barrel:
— Color choice added (body, parts, rims)
— Design choice added (various decal colors) Thanks to 1976Silvio

– Pig farm:
— Water barrel deleted and 2 water troughs set for filling (ManureSystem ready). There is now a BigBag shelter in the hall

– BayWa (city):
— Bulk material silo was deleted. From now on you can buy bulk goods at the building (similar to BayWa (village))

– Business park:
— Removed one driveway and added a new driveway near the pellet factory
— Area a little more illuminated

– Feed mixing plant (cows)
— Production input & output doubled

– Lohnerhof:
— Completely new, walk-in farmhouse created. Roller shutters can only be opened/closed from the inside
— Completely new workshop hall created
— The shelter hall has been completely retextured
— Completely new warehouse created

– MountInn:
— Opening times changed
— Open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. No sales possible after 8 p.m

– Garden center:
— Manure purchase deleted
— Crap purchase deleted. Compost can now be purchased

– Dairy:
— The terminals for “Butter & Cheese” are now in the room together with the terminal for “UHT Milk” (access from the NPC)

– Fish farming:
— Fish box exchanged for disposable pallet (3 boxes with 24 fish each = 72 fish per pallet)
— Production adapted to fish farming (24h = 4 pallets/per pond)

NEW on the map:
– Lucerne pellets (farm):
— Lucerne pellets are now made near the orange trees and can be used as feed for the animals (cows, sheep, horses, rabbits).
— NEW: “FS22_maizePlus_animalFoodAdditions” has been adapted accordingly (included in the pack)

– Completely new village created
— Passage between fields 7 & 9
— Well-known sales points from the city are there such as: Restaurant, Bio-Lädle & BayWa. Baked goods from the city can be sold at the bakery
— Diesel & methane can be purchased at the gas station (ManureSystem ready). It is also possible to refuel the vehicles
— Building site for your own small farm. There is a farmhouse, a free chicken coop and a garden. Can only be used once the land is purchased
— Butcher shop for meat production including smokehouse
— At the first house (left side) the garden can be used after purchase

– BayWa (village):
— Grain goods can be sold at the front of the building. Mineral fertilizer, seeds, lime and pig feed can be purchased at the back of the building
— Bale sales are available, as well as purchasing of BigBags

– Sewage treatment plant (near the village):
— Contaminated water from both juice productions must be disposed of there. Accordingly, you have to pay for disposal

– Butcher shop (city)
— There is now a small sandwich production behind the house. There the baguette can be further processed by the bakery into a sandwich

– House with garden (city)
— Opposite the greenhouse (fire department) at the house, the garden can be used after purchase

– Gas station (city, village)
— Fully walk-in gas station. Commercial goods can be sold in the sales room
— Gas station (city), pallets can be sold behind the building
— Gas station (village), on the left side of the building, the pallets can be sold
— Open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. No sales possible after 10 p.m

Update FINAL:
– Small fixes/adjustments
– Fixed issue with animal health under “MaizePlus AnimalFoodAdditions”.
– Call stack ‘setCropsGrowthNextState’ fixed when rewinding the time to 0 o’clock
– Painting grass added again + bushes (edelweiss = grass on the map)
– Fixed clover hay & alfalfa hay for presses. Round bales and square bales can now be pressed. What you can’t do is wrap it in foil. It doesn’t make any sense and no one does it
– Error for rake fixed. As soon as a swath of clover hay or alfalfa hay is supposed to be swathed together, the log is filled with errors
– Fixed coupling/storing the hoses to the universal barrels (Joskin & Universal Tank).

– Fish farming:
— Production adapted to fish farming. It now takes a while for fish to appear in boxes (24h = 4 boxes/per pond). So you also have some space for other work 😉
– Milk production:
— Production adjusted (1 bag + 100l water = 198l milk/month) The month refers to Giant’s standard game start

Update FINAL:
– Small fixes/changes
– Removed unused/repeated textures
– Added Czech translation by listonos13. Thank you for that
– Fixed Colli at the cowshed
– Traffic collisions adjusted by AI traffic
– Volume of the large boxes for apples & oranges reduced to 1080l
– PDA map completely renewed including customPDA map for RealGPS Mod by LSFM
– Fixed problem when the mod “RealismAddon AnimalGrazing” is not in the folder
– Fixed issue in the production overview with the “Info Display Extension” mod
– TipColli adapted to the manure plate at the main courtyard/pig farm
– Production recipes generally revised and adjusted (cycles & consumption)
– Sales prices have been generally revised and adjusted
– Farmland purchase prices revised and adjusted accordingly
– Fixed unevenness in fields
– Large BGA must be purchased now
– Sawmill must be purchased now
– Fields that were owned have been removed
– TrafficSplines generally adjusted/fixed

New save is required

Update BETA3:
NEW: Charging station for Milk Shuttle. The charging station is in the garden house, immediately on the right. Thanks to Farmer_Andy for sharing the cables
– Small fixes/changes
– Rabbit meat removed
– Sales prices of certain products increased
– Added Czech translation by Mysak_Bob. Thank you for that
– Foliage of alfalfa & clover revised including distance textures
– Decal Collis on the compost silo removed
-Fixed fruit destruction for alfalfa & clover
– Water tarpaulin under the bridge (at field 17) adjusted slightly. Only appears when it rains
– Swath height adjusted

NEW: Organic oasis:
– Opposite the restaurant parking lot is now the organic oasis. Fruit and vegetables can be sold there. You can find out which goods are taken from the price list
– Sales possible from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. No sales possible after 6 p.m

NEW: Pet Dealer:
– Milk can now be purchased from the animal dealer. Added for players who prefer to work with fattening bulls and calves need milk in the box
– Think carefully about how much you want to buy, as the price is quite high. Why? So that the cows continue to make sense.
– Milk can be purchased from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. No milk purchase possible after 3 p.m

NEW: Milk production:
– The small hall is located near the hay drying facility
– Milk powder can be purchased in the shop. Purchase is also possible at: BayWa & Baumarkt. Thanks to Thalvur for sharing
– The small production requires milk powder & water for production (ManureSystem ready)
– The production is for players who would like to play with fattening bulls

Update BETA2:
– densityMapHeightTypes increased from 64 to 256
– FarmLand for straw recovery AddOn by CreativMesh active again (opposite the dairy)
– AD course adjusted
– Added missing English translations
– Bridge passage near Feld17 increased
– 12 paintable floor textures
– Added some custom icons
– Small fixes/changes
– Collis delineator removed
– Sugarcane, cotton & olives deactivated
– Error with alfalfa from bale size 150 on round balers fixed
– animalGrazing added to: cowshed, sheep pasture, horses
– animalsFood for Maize Plus: Adjustments to the food for Maize Plus

Yard BGA:
– Methane can now be collected with manureSystem

Large BGA:
– Methane production added. Methane can be collected with manureSystem

Hay dryer:
– Must now be fueled with methane. Methane can be filled into the tank with or without a manure system

– Must now be fueled with methane. Methane can be filled into the tank with or without a manure system

Dairy UHT milk production:
– Must now be fueled with methane. Methane can be filled into the tank with or without a manure system

Gas station:
– Purchase of methane with manureSystem

Feed mixing plant cows:
– Added ball trigger

Cowshed, sheepfolds, horses, rabbits:
– Clover & alfalfa expanded in feeding (adoption of: alfalfa hay (wet), clover hay (dry) & alfalfa hay (dry))



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1 month ago

Hello, this map is the best! like Bergman – everything are good except that i can feed the cats

3 months ago

Hello , i have a little problem in game , im stuck with refill bucket all time , and o cant refill other thing’s
But this map is the best!

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