It’s finally time. After several months of construction I have finally managed my
Map to finish and present to you. There are far more than 20
productions, many animated objects and much more on the map.
For more information, see below. Grass in the final stage is at the beginning only on
the yard area and up to the road available. On the rest of the map it is in medium
Growth stage. There is not snow on all the roofs of the buildings.
To do this, you would have to have more time which I unfortunately can not muster and deal with
certain software know.
I think that does not detract from the game, however. I thank the team Rheinlandpfalz /
Markus for the release of the fruit varieties and their textures. A helicopter I
found on the net, unfortunately I could not find out the creator or builder,
but I would like to thank you for this also quite cordially and if that is not
is desired, then I will of course remove the again.
There are 20 MC_coins (each € 8000 reward) placed on the map, which you must find and
as a conclusion at the 20 MC_coin awaits you again a reward of 100 000 €.
Fields: A total of 38, while not much, but the possibility to create many more.
For further production or also yards are several open spaces available.
Information about the map you can take on 2 purchasable boards which are placeable
To be found in the tree menu Decorations/Other. Likewise, I have 2 fountains, to buy for
each 200 € Daily cost 0 € (but Free water) as well as a wash station 200 €
Daily cost 5 € created and installed.
Can be found in the building menu Building/Tools. A soft filling station for 23500 € you can also
acquire, the daily cost is 7 €. Another vehicle hall can be found
in the store for 32500 €. Daily costs are at 15 €. Other objects were installed.
Just see for yourself :-).
The map is prepared for Precision Farming DLC
Information: attachments for the Precision Farming DLC can be found in-game at
Equipment/Diveres. I have also included 10 more landscaping textures which enhance the
Names earth, mixed forest, cobblestone, beach sand, concrete, gravel, dirty
Gravel, sidewalk, gravel sidewalk, and riverbed which some are from USMap.
Other crops: carrots, onions, lavender, alfalfa, rye, red cabbage, white cabbage, poppy seeds,
Hops and clover. The map includes self-created storage options that you can choose from the tree menu
under silos can be found. Here you can store: carrots, onions, potatoes,
Sugar beets, sugar beet pulp, red cabbage, white cabbage, sugar cane, hops, chaff,
Grass, hay, straw, silage, compost, forage, manure, pig feed, wood chips and
Mixed feed. There are 4 warehouses available and cost per warehouse 22450 € Daily cost
are at 17 €. All MC Mapping objects are saleable. However, camps should be previously
be cleared.In the game’s own fruit silos you can store: wheat, barley, oats,
Rape, sunflower, soybeans, corn, sorghum, lavender, poppy, rye and malt.
Other warehouses such as liquid fertilizer warehouse, herbicide warehouse, fertilizer warehouse, lime warehouse and
Seed stores have been built and added, which can be purchased in the store. Finally
there are also more game custom storage options.
Productions: different types of fruit, bakery production, brewery, various
juice manufacturing, diesel manufacturing, ice cream manufacturing, wooden barrel manufacturing,
Pallet manufacturing, cardboard production, potato products, clothing / fabric manufacturing,
Wood charcoal production, malt production, flour production, dairy products, furniture manufacturing,
Pellet manufacturing, red cabbage as well as white cabbage manufacturing, rum and whiskey manufacturing,
Sawmills, log production, butchery, tobacco production, sugar production,
Cigarette manufacturing and some more.
Animated objects: Eagles, seagulls, fish, ducks, crabs, helicopters, zeppelin,
Passenger plane, sailboats, motor yachts, ships, paraglider, hot air balloon and some

Required mods
1. FS22_A_ProductionRevamp will be Automatically Downloaded in the game.
If you follow the hints and confirm with Yes. Takes a few seconds.
Go back again, wait and start again.
This mod includes: FS22_productionsLimitIncreaser120 (This mod increases the maximum
Number of productions you can place on a savegame). By default,
a maximum of 60 productions are possible, this mod increases the number to 120.
This mod also includes:
FS22_A_Palletfix >>> functionality integrated into Revamp <<<, FS22_productionsLimitIncreaser120 >>> Functionality integrated into Revamp << FS22_buyProductionInput >>> Functionality integrated in Revamp, also in multiplayer <<<, FS22_fixProductionPointSelling >>> Functionality integrated into Revamp <<<, FS22_morepalletsfix >>> Functionality integrated into Revamp <<<, FS22_PalletFixer >>> Functionality integrated into Revamp <<<. Recommended Mods:
1. FS22_MoreTrees (With this script, the tree limit (plantable trees
on a map) is increased. There are many other nice mod which can beautify the map.
Here just to mention some by name.
1st FS22_DecorativeRocks,
2nd FS22_decoStones
3. FS22_FlowersPack,
4. FS22_Goldcrest_Decoration_Pack,
5. FS22_landscapingDE and
many many more. Just enter the exact name of the mod and go searching.
Optional mods 1st Ruebenschnitzelanlage


Version Multifruit V 8.1.5
Decoration added, minor corrections and png’s optimized.

Version Multifruit Update 8.1.4
Corrected chessboard in Observatory Cafe.
Decorating staff installed.

Version Multifruit Update 8.1
Recycling center opening hours corrected from 9 a.m. to 8 a.m.
Minor decoration corrections.
Dairy information sign set lower.

Version Multifruit V 8.0
Fixed PrecisionFarming in map.xml.
Made all productions RevampProductionPoint and thus made it more diverse.
Added two teleportation points to External Stones and Rock Cave.
Sounds built in. Rock cave, dam, boathouse parking lot etc. (cooing of pigeons, ring-necked parakeets, crows).
Lighthouse lighting slightly reduced in size and time adjusted. From 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Many parameters of the sounds and objects are adapted to the times of day and seasons.
Additional textures re-read, adjusted and saved.
Street name signs were created and all streets were provided with signs.
Observatory Cafe assembled and placed on the map. Sales point added at Observatory Cafe.
Recycling center installed as a sales point for many products on the map.
Adjusted sound for wind turbines. The speed and sound did not match in terms of speed.
Crazy garden installed.
PDA map map updated or renewed.

Errors regarding clover and alfalfa have already been corrected.
Additional new farmland was also subdivided and added.
The fields were expanded by approx. 40ha.
There will be additional production for lavender.
2 open spaces were raised slightly because the water tarpaulin caused problems with some objects, such as fence elements and decorations.
Please check for these errors.
This will all be corrected in a further version of this map.
Problems with the white cabbage, with the Compost Distance diffuse and others have also been fixed.
The vehicle dealer has been revised and enlarged.
The next version will only have a version with more ground angle.
Grass texture has been changed. Alfalfa, clover and carrots were added (to a limited extent) as additional types of food for the animals.
A lavender production was installed with 3 other products.
The farm has been overhauled.
Please read everything carefully.
Prevents unnecessary questions.
Rate it, use the thank you button and maybe give a recommendation or not, whatever.
A few lines would be nice too.

Version Multifruit V 7.0.1 update
Vehicles parked in planters during charcoal production. Corrected.
Floating trees set lower.

Version Multifruit 7.0
1. Provide complete map with grass (last stage).
2. Start position changed.
3. Adjusted terrain shader.
4. Many details and deco expanded.

Version Multifruit V 5.2
Fixed floating tree. Textures optimized. Built-in decoration.

Version Multifruit V 5.1
1. Lamps lowered in the village. Was partly up in the air.
2. Fixed the floating tree on the rock formation between tile 10 and 12.
3. I have found obstacles on the large bridges to the left and right of it, which unfortunately are
do not remove. But I don’t see the obstacles as a reason to tear down the bridges now
and somehow rebuild everything. Not really annoying either. Please understand.
4. Large bridges given a new coat of paint. (Texture color readjusted)
5. Signpost created and installed (observatory, viewing platform).
6. Slight corrections sound stalactite cave.
7. Adjusted clip distances.
8. Deco installed.

Version Multifruit V 5.0
1. Ferry installed with deco.
2. Built-in solar panel.
3. Added many more decorations and animations.
4. Optimized textures.

Version Update Multifruit V4.0.1
1. Added red cabbage and white cabbage as another type of feed for the pigs.
2. Chipboard and screen printing plates corrected so that the pallets are no longer emptied from bottom to top but from top to bottom.
3. Added fish splines.
4. Added more decoration.

Version Multifruit V4
1. Deco (complete map supplied with power lines, surfers, power distribution box, whale and splines repositioned due to collision) and some more installed.
2.Trigger pallet acceptance at Saegewerk2 (screen printing plates and chipboard production) corrected.
3. Terrain changes for installation of power poles and power lines.

Version Multifruit V2 update
1. Freiraum 12 can be bought again.
2. Floor lettering and lamp on open area 12 from the former tobacco production
has been removed.
3.Fixed the floating tree in the courtyard area.
4.New bus stop was installed because the old problems with shaders and specular texture
the 19er had.
5.Parked car at train station West was partially in the fence and has been corrected.
6.By installing the dam again, I forgot the lamps that came out of the
LS19 had to be removed and deleted, which had the warning Warning: i3d onCreate
user-attribute ‘NightIllumination’ is deprecated. Please use ‘Visibility Condition’ tab in
GIANTS Editor for node ‘illum’ instead, which isn’t a bad thing and will be in
be fixed with an update.
7. Multifruit headers that cause errors have been replaced and Panther2 have been replaced
Added white cabbage and red cabbage, after which the Ropa now also has the headers on the Panther2

Version Multifruit V2
1. Superfluous entries deleted.
2. Open space 46 and 47 was increased because various objects were not placeable. Reason: too close to the waterplane.
3. All fields have been reworked, enlarged from approx. 105 ha to approx. 145 ha and more added.
4. Farmland has been further subdivided into forest areas and many others to well over 200.
5. Correction of the map.xml regarding clover and lucerne.
6. Grass texture has been changed.
7. Fixed issue with white cabbage. (the white cabbage was not displayed in the harvest phase)
8. Fixed compostdistance_diffuse issue.
9. Vehicle dealer has been enlarged. Now more than 20 harvesters fit in the space. If that’s not enough :-).
10. Alfalfa, clover, rye and carrots were added to animalfood.xml as additional feed types.
11. Refined rotations of various placeable objects.
12th courtyard designed a little nicer.
13. DE and EN.xml translation extended.
14. Added new objects.
15. Added lavender production and oil making.
16. Added new sounds.
17. BGA made salable so that you can place and use other external BGA’s (e.g. Kastor’s BGA or others) on the area .
18. E-charging station in town, vehicle washing area BGA and weighing station BGA removed. Everyone can decide for themselves where they want it to be. Find everything in the shop.
19. Fixed teleport node/jump point boathouse.
20.I decided to remove tobacco and cigarettes from the map. I came to the conclusion that smoking is unhealthy and not to advertise. Added a poppy seed cake maker instead.



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4 months ago

Which Precision Farming mod (standard, the one with Anhydrous, the one with compost AND anhydrous) is this map designed for? should I be using the standard and then get the compost and anhydrous mods seperate? just trying to run this optimally. TIA

October Farm
October Farm
6 months ago

Over the years I have seen some really cool farm mods, and not downloaded them because they come with as many as 30 additional mods you need to make them work. I don’t want to fill up my mod folder with all those mods just to play one farm. Sorry

11 months ago


could it be possible to get the map ready for that terraforming mod ???

Olaf Slaathaug
Olaf Slaathaug
1 year ago

When i try to download it, it says, coudn’t download, network issue

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