Welcome to Gumpen, a small town in Hesse in the Odenwald district, in the middle of the country surrounded by meadows and fields.

It is a standard size map that is fully developed.

– 24 lots
– 1 XXL forest divided into 5 plots to buy
– 16 fields
– A small town and some sales stations
– Bale acceptance (sale) installed at the pet dealer
– etc.

Large courtyard with:
– Cowshed with fully automatic feeding system
– Chicken coop with large free range
– poultry farming
– BGA plant 500MW
– Large silos covered
– etc.

We recommend the Platinum Expansion DLC for production at the sawmill.

I would like to say thank you to all the modders who have had their elements built into the map.

– Marker for manure at cowshed position corrected
– Marker corrected for chicken breeding position
– Cowshed equipped with solar on the roof (income per hour: €280)
– Minor terrain adjustments
– Problem with silage silo fixed (can now be used individually)
– New wall with gates built around the yard
Attention: A new save is required.
– New silage silos with lighting added
– Designed new background
– Added new floor textures
– New dealer added (with gate and opening times)
– New mill complex added (with gate and opening times)
– Added grass from the Alpine Map
– Grass mission added to field 14
– Spray types added and adjusted
– Petrol station changed slightly
– Speed of gate made slightly faster
– Removed flying trees
– New company logos added to buildings
– Fenced sawmill (with gate and opening times)
– Minor ground adjustments
– Various lighting added
– Increased freedom at sales/production points
– Supermarket added
– Restaurant added
– Various decorations and parked cars added
– Meadow in Farmland 14 was converted to Grass Field 17
– Added bale sales at the farmer’s trade
– New poultry breeding facility
– Gas dryer installed (hay production, must be purchased first)
– Trees changed
– Newly fenced area
– Added pig breeding
– Mineral fertilizer silo added
– Lime silo added
– Silo for plant protection products added
– Seed silo inserted
– Added crop storage
– Added seed production (must be purchased first)
– Compost added to the map (In the silo next to the washing area, biomass is turned into compost, which can be spread on the field as fertilizer with the manure spreader.)
– Plant protection product production added (Must be purchased first)
– Added lime production (must be purchased first)
– Pig feed production added (Must be purchased first, with gate and opening times)
– Mineral fertilizer production added (Must be purchased first, with gate and opening times)
– Fixed problems with product names at sawmill
– Various smoke animations added
– Greenhouse with compost/seed/fertilizer/plant protection/water delivery added (Must be purchased first, thanks to FedAction for approval)
– New save game is required.



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Gumpen Map
Gumpen Map
20 days ago
Hello, where can you sell sugar beet please? Thanks for the reply.
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