Welcome to the Lieper Winkel map.
The Lieper Winkel is a peninsula belonging to the island of Usedom. It is located between the backwaters and the Peenestrom.
The Lieper Winkel peninsula belongs to the municipality of Rankwitz, which includes eight villages, each with its own history and character.
Small fishermen’s cottages and thatched half-timbered houses give the places their charm.
The map has been fictitious recreated.
Six additional mods from the Modhub are required for the map. They are automatically downloaded when you start the game.
– in the V1 there is a main courtyard, the HaGe, a cow pasture, sheep pasture, biomass heating plant and a biogas plant.
– There are 23 fields, 6 meadows and 2 small forest areas.
– installed more floor angles
– Autodrive courses from Joki
– Adjusted PF soil map
– Realistic feed consumption of the animals
– (HOF)House with sleep trigger
– All buildings, silos and decorative objects can be sold (except the house)
– the cowshed also takes straw bales and no more decorative grass grows in the run
– (HaGe) point of sale for all common bulk goods
– Pallets such as vegetables, wool, etc. must be parked on the ramp to sell them
– there is a forklift to unload the pallets
– Lime station
– Milk tank to sell the milk
-(Hans Mayer)Agricultural machinery dealer
– Workshop trigger
– Petrol station for diesel, electricity and gas
– There is a telescopic loader for loading various goods
-(Albrecht Decker)cattle dealer
– Buying and selling animals
– Slurry and manure can be bought
– Sale of bales

Work is in progress on the V2 of the card.



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