MOUNTAIN HILL 2022 – 4-FACH V5.0.3.3


I present you my 4-fold MountainHill2022
The map was completely revised from LS19.
On buildings of LS19 would be added everywhere snow roofs.

Decoration is dependent on time, weather conditions and season.
Sun umbrellas, laundry, pool water is gone in the winter, but there are in winter road stamps.
What else, that you will see for yourself.

What you do not own, you can not use (pastures, cattle yard, contractors, etc)

Rye, millet, triticale, spelt, onion, carrots

Hay pellets, straw pellets, wood pellets, molasses and compost.
Compost can also be used to fertilize fields.

The map is completely driven in with AutoDrive.
Main roads, secondary roads, field roads, dirt roads, forests, sales points, productions


– Goat milk trigger fixed
– In the sheep and cow barn, the foliage was reworked again because of animal grazing
– Moved the action trigger (unload logs) to the driver’s side at the sawmill
– Added translations: Italian (Thanks Olli), Russian (Thanks ArtV)
You don’t need a new savegame

– Fixed bugs with the sheep and goats. Wool and goat’s milk are produced again
– All stables where animals eat grass have had their foliage adjusted.
– AnimalGrazing is now properly supported and animals will eat the painted grass.

The following has been changed in version
– Now either sunflower or rapeseed for diesel production
– Added mineral feed to the cows again
– Basic feed now works again for pigs
– Carrots added to horse feed as a booster
– Pigs can now also be fed with red and white cabbage
– The sheep need grass and hay to get 100% effectiveness
– Added Triticale to seed production
You don’t need a new savegame

Patch is required for this version
– Giants animal stables revised:
– Pigs with water triggers
– Horses with water and straw triggers
– Sheep with water and straw triggers and goat milk
– Cowshed with water trigger
– Chicken coop with water trigger
– Sheep and Goat Stables now also consume straw

– Map was chased and cleaned up by Giants’ TestRunner
– When harvesting wheat, barley, etc., there was a crap texture on the ground… Fixed
– corrected minor blemishes
– Installed New Animals by Susi & Wingi. (Please read the note in the description)
– Added goat milk to the map
– Goat Cheese can be produced at the Dairy
– Added points of sale for goat milk and goat cheese
– Fixed light in the shop.

Adaptation to LS Update
For PF fertilize with compost removed for the time being. (Map did not start anymore)

Here is my MountainHill2022 version
From version to you do NOT need a new savegame.
– DO NOT rename the V5 to V3 or V4, otherwise there will be endless errors!!!
– Do not take over the grle and gdm files from the old V4 savegame, otherwise there will be endless errors!!!!
– You may adopt the vehicles.xml, placeables.xml and farmland.xml from the V4 savegame!!
– Adjusted ball trigger at lelyVectorGarage
– Purchase prices adjusted due to revamp
– Ball trigger composter lengthened
– At sawmill ne collision at kl. Fixed cottage
– Snow storms at entrances or exits shifted
– Changed production quantity of empty pallets
– Added compost fertilization to Precision Farming
– Land price changed at Kuhweide
– Slightly increased yield for red cabbage, white cabbage, onions and carrots.

With version you need a NEW savegame.
– DO NOT rename the V5 to V3 or V4, otherwise there will be endless errors!!!
– Do not take over the grle and gdm files from the old V4 savegame, otherwise there will be endless errors!!!!
– You may adopt the vehicles.xml, placeables.xml and farmland.xml from the V4 savegame!!

– Fixed small bug in pallet production
– Power poles relocated at sawmill
– Background mountains and map edge made visible again
– Adjusted production speed for empty pallets, paper and brewery
– Added missionsVehicle.xml for multi-fruit missions
– Added a multisilo at the Farmerhof for all types of fruit (can be bought and sold)
– Ropa and Grimmepack integrated into the map vehicles (only one cutter required for turnips, potatoes, onions, carrots, red and white cabbage)
– The fruits of red and white cabbage have been reduced in size
– Changed the texture of onions and carrots
– Added hops as a new fruit (vine stocks available in the vine shop) (incl. harvester and trimmer)
– Brewery added as a new production
– Added fertilizer crafting (mineral and liquid fertilizer) to lime production
– Fixed blemishes on the terrain (adjusted bumps and slopes)
– Farmlands changed and new ones added
– Adjusted production speeds
– Fixed deco grass at field edges
– Sawmill now also produces empty pallets
– Empty pallets can be delivered as a booster in all productions with pallet output
– Added paper factory as a new production
– Removed Millet from the FruitTypes

You need A NEW SAVEGAME for this version.
– fixed bug greenhouses (fertilizer)
– Error manure and compost storage fixed
– Greenhouses (nursery) now placeable (shop)
– All silos, workshop, farm petrol station can now also be placed (Shop –> Silos)
– Yield millet adjusted
– FillVolume increased again for productions
– Yield adjusted for white and red cabbage
– Meadow grass improved at field edges
– Texture improved for white and red cabbage
– Growth density adjusted for white cabbage, red cabbage, onions and carrots
– Fixed a few small bugs
– Added Forgotten Collis
– Map’s own SoilMap for PF refined again
– Adjusted for multifruit growth phases
– Added multifruit poppy
– Added poppies in outlets
– Added poppy seeds in production bakery
– Added Millet in Grain Mill
– Field borders revised (grass)
– Forest completely replaced with new spruce trees (now harvester-ready)
– Added Forest Floor (Deco Foliage)
– Added tobacco and adjusted growth
– Added hemp and adjusted growth
– Added Quaderbale488 and Roundbale235 for tobacco and hemp
– Adjusted and integrated harvesters (Case and JohnDeere).
– Added points of sale for tobacco and hemp
– Added Hemp Oil crafting at Oil Refinery
– Created new palette for hemp oil
– Added tobacco factory (cigars and cigarettes)
– Lime production created and sales points set up
– Created seed production and set up sales outlets
– Provide all productions with product signs
– Created new palettes for cigars and cigarettes
– REVAMP integrated for productions
– JohnDeere cotton harvester adapted for round bale storage (better storage)
– Colli fixed at some fences
– Changed the volume of the manure and compost storage at the Lohnihof

Fixed road junction at tailor shop
Colli dungheap gardening fixed
Fixed levy wool warehouse
Added red cabbage
Added white cabbage
Adjusted textures and growth for red and white cabbage
Added 4 water extraction points (Cattle Farm, Farmerhof, Cattle Trader and Conoco Tanke)
Added custom SoilMap for Precision Farming
Fixed bug Farmland
Fixed bale trigger bug


MountainHill2022: FM-Modding (LS-Farmer Marco)
Zuckerfabrick: El Cid
Molkerei: LS19 Giants
Getreidelager aus Giants
SeedTower: Der Hopfenbauer
Sägewerk: Susi und Wingi
Lagerhaus: aus LS15
Halle Komposter und Holzhacker: Lancyboi
Textur Karotten und Zwiebel: NeilloxGaming

2.7/5 - (39 votes)

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zip FS22_FM_Map_MountainHill2022_V5 1 GB
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6 months ago

hallo my name is Marcel and i have tested this map this morning and i notest that the triggers to buy the productions on the map don’t work

6 months ago

No sell points and unable to purchase production points. Cool looking map but unplayable.

4 months ago

Point de vente impossible de les replacer et impossible de les revendre pareil pour les usines en multijoueur cela n’est pas du tout jouable dommage

4 months ago

dedicated server wont start. giving error

2022-07-18 03:14 Error: Could not start dedicated server with current mod setup because some dependencies are missing!

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