Welcome to Neu – Minibrunn!

This map offers:
– 26 fields (4 of which are meadows), 6 purchasable forest areas and 3 building plots
– One pre-placed farm in the village with cow and chicken shed
– Cow shed with built-in slurry tank and support for the mod “Grazing Animals” (PC only)
– All decoration on the farm can be sold via the building mode
– One biogas plant that can be completely sold
– Many ground textures and plants in construction mode (incl. fields)
– A total of 19 production and sales stations
– Wood containers from the Platinum Expansion can be sold at the sawmill
– Support for iron ore (can be bought at the Farmer’s Market) for the productions from the Platinum DLC
– Two traders for consumer goods
– Two filling stations for diesel, methane and electricity
– A pond for water extraction
– Field grass as a new crop, as well as district heating and soy drink as new products
– Support for Precision Farming with a custom soil map
– Fully developed AI road network (tested for Autodrive)
– 16 hidden collectibles

– Aplaced walls, gates, fences, hedges or curbstones can only be sold by the player with ID 1.
– The large bushes on the building site in the northeast and southwest can be removed with a mulch tiller.
– You can remove the curbstones on the terrain at various locations in the construction menu by clicking on the “Demolish” button.
– After purchasing the biogas plant, the game must be saved and loaded once so that the compacted chaff can be covered.

– A new savegame is NOT required
– NEW: oat drink and country milk production at the dairy
– New starting point incl. vehicle
– Decorative plants are no longer mowed or mulched
– Fixed incorrect storage type on the lime silo
– Translated production decals into German
– Fixed Log error (fence2m)
– Fixed road collision mask
– Adjusted pedestrian route at farmers’ market
– Removed parking car at farmers’ market
– Changed decoration in some places
– Grapes can now be transported with standard trailers
– Adjusted vehicle dealer spawn – area
– DescVersion increased (*)

(*) At least of the base game is required
– A new savegame is NOT mandatory
– Fixed growth of spruces
– Fixed shop name of deadwood spruces
– Renewed Deadwood spruces
– Added deadwood pines
– Added chimney smoke to some buildings
– Extended Spawn area for warehouses
– Adjusted height of bales to be stored in both warehouses
– Restored missing deco objects at the pond
– Fixed incorrect view distances
– Minor optical adjustments
– Placed more fences at fields and paths (*)
– Increased descVersion (**)

(*) Is only active in a new savegame.
(**) At least of the base game is required
– A new savegame is NOT mandatory
– NEW: added placeable deadwood trees
– Deer spawn time adjusted (3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening)
– Performance optimizations
– Small shelter from the starting farm can now be sold
– Added reflections to the pond
– Fixed info trigger
– Removed incorrect hotspot on the overview map
– DescVersion increased (*)

(*) At least of the base game is required
– A new savegame is NOT mandatory
– NEW: Added small and large bale and pallet storage
– NEW: Added new floor texture (concrete bricks)
– Fixed environmental lighting
– Removed switch for billboards
– A new savegame is NOT mandatory
– NEW: Wheat and barley can now also be planted in spring
– NEW: Two new cobblestones added as ground textures
– NEW: Snow colouring added to roads
– NEW: Field grass can be fed to chickens (incl. XML file for Maize Plus AnimalFoodAddon)
– NEW: Cows now also eat silage
– Ambient sound: less car horns in the background
– Ambient sound: water noises at the pond reduced
– Collectables from the farm placed in other places
– Fixed double background in winter
– The ramps of the cowshed no longer float above the ground
– Adjusted capacities of the cowshed
– Adjusted Straw ball trigger in the cowshed
– Corrected clear and paint area of cow barn
– Problem solved where manure heap is not recognised by cow shed
– Added grain swamp at the grain mill and at the oil mill
– Removed non-buyable objects from the shop
– Earth/dirt is now painted when placing buildings
– Adjusted noises when walking over certain ground textures
– Deco barrels no longer tip over in snow
– Corrected visibility settings for some objects
– Added bale trigger for wood chips at the farmers market
– Some cosmetic corrections
– Spawn conditions for deer changed (less deer in total and they spawn now also on the field near trees)
– New overview map
– Tree stock revised (*)
– By default the lanterns at the farm are now placed in the variant without shadow (**)
– Cowshed moved 1m to the north (**)
– Straightened uneven surface in the terrain in several places (**)
– Fixed problems with the helper when mowing field 14 (**)
– Revised eastern border of field 14 so that there are no more gaps in the swath when mowing (**)
– Changed border stones (switched to mod; old kerbs can still be sold but no longer placed) (**)
– Border stone near cow pen can now be sold (**)
– A new savegame is NOT mandatory
– Performance improvements
– Point of sale for field grass added (at the farmer’s market)
– Fixed missing name for the container selling station
– Fixed missing name and description for the lime silo
– Water extraction at the pond now works (swimming too)
– Greenhouse at the farm now spawns pallets
– Grass fields now appear green instead of white in the overview map
– Fixed tyre tracks when spreading manure
– Deer now only spawn on the field
– Some minor graphical Changes
– Added production of long planks at the sawmill (for Platinum DLC)
– Created new mod icon
– Corrected and adjusted mod description in the modDesc



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3 months ago

Map is not showing why?
Thank you

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