4 Specialist map with regional reproduction of a part from Papenburg
Jo mai, do we have Christmas already?
Jimkerk Presents
Papenburg Map
Here I am providing you with my Papenburg map. It is not quite final yet. But when is a map ever.

– 4 fold map
– 96 fields of 1-87 hectares of arable land, grassland and forests
-119 plots hectares price 25000 €
– over 200,000 trees
– Extensive field and system of paths
– Many open spaces for courtyards and production facilities
– Basic supply at main sales points. Including Gereide mill, grain store, bakery, cheese dairy, dairy and sawmill
– not final yet !! Path system spines for car workers … free travel possible, but not yet perfected

I have not yet provided any start vehicles.
There will be updates from time to time over the next few weeks and months. So be patient.
There are small warnings but the map works perfectly and has been extensively tested.


– No more floating trees
– Fixed map sounds
– reduced aiTraffic collisions
– aiTraffic priority changed
– Removed unnecessary foliage from the map folder
– Map file size thinned out to 1001MB from previously 1.21 GB
– Log error free
– Change at the last second: Machine sales moved to the shop Thanks for the tip to Adler007RSfPA

– Vegetation of deciduous and coniferous trees completely revised. Attention There “could” be floating. If you discover it, please post it in the comments with a picture and coordinates.
– For technical reasons only 1 type of fir
– Detection range for extensions at the large cowshed increased to 150.
– The 4 liquid manure stores now also have a movable tarpaulin (you just have to lower the terrain (round) via the construction menu/Terraform options. You probably have the few € 🙂
– Shop added (once again) fairer for everyone.
– Exchanged silos for a new version
– Roads farmland at one point (Betlehem junction separated up to the curve or created a new one)
– Traffic splines revised. Drive further to the right and should not stop in oncoming traffic or slow down.
– 1 forest removed at the splitting + new field
– Restart of the game recommended, but not absolutely necessary.

– Traffic lights only have 2 phases of 12 seconds each.
– Cowsheds have received a new manure pit.
– Wooden hall located on dairy farm Berlage
– Standard 1MW BGA (Biolohn Kreuzjans) removed from the map to make room for Pump and Hoses BGAs: A new start of the game would be advantageous, otherwise the triggers from your score would still be loaded.. I will install the new ones in the next version
– New lime and fertilizer texture (distance texture adjusted for lime, you are no longer annoyed by the white)
– minor changes

-map description changed here!!
– Corrected north-south alignment of the map (finally after 15 years 🙂 )
-Terrainshader replaced on new version
-New fields (total 105 now)
-Reworked field borders (131 Farmlands)
-3 cow pastures (buy with farmland)
-4 farms including machines (1 dairy farm, 1 milk+pig farm, biogas+wage farm, 1 milk+biogas farm)
-Competitive MP Ready
-Decoration completely revised (fences, hedges etc)
-Fruit type change Removed = olives, grapes, sugar cane, cotton / added = green rye matched to corn plus (first only)
-4 traffic lights
-2 lime stations installed
-Prices for products lowered (e.g. milk 0.37 cents per liter to normal or per ton of wheat 337 € etc)
-High-voltage line integrated into the terrain
-Corn stubble is now green denser and slightly taller
-Field or field grass now has a seed stubble texture and the stubble is accordingly.
-shop shifted to the southeast
New score is mandatory

bug fix:
– Fixed texture error in raps

-Stubble destruction for all standard crops: wheat, oats, barley, corn, millet, canola, sunflower.
Therefore foliages added back to the map. Map file size increased by about 160Mb.
-Removed some floating trees again.
-Changed some (not all) rotation of trees. Height adjusted in some places so that branches no longer go through the cabin!
-Possibility to load or transport beet chips with the silage fork and shop wagon.
-Land prices reduced to 20000€ per hectare.
No new save is required.

Shader bug fixed
-Precision Farming
-replaced all broken buildings
-2nd veihhandel trigger installed at the old location
-All bridges over the canals widened or set to the same level
-field borders of field 96 adjusted
-Radio radio masts are original again
– Bakery trigger replaced with latest version.
-Reinstalled sidewalks on Birkenallee.
-More decoration on Birkenallee and Bethlehem
-Machine shop moved (somewhat more central)
-Deco plants paintable again
-Machining angle increased to every 10 degrees
-So that all changes are visible, a new score is recommended.

– all ground textures paintable again
– Shop symbol finally in

– More hedges removed
– Punk houses replaced
– Foliage and fillplanes removed for the time being
– Nightlight2 error fixed
– Terrain exchanged – Franz terrain –
– Stones are in now
– Map size only 757MB changelog:
– under field 23 trees, hedges and bushes removed
– Connection to field 25 created around the bottom.
– corrected some unsightly things (terrain adaptation)
– Possible to drive from fields 22 to 28 through hedges that have been removed.
– corrected a couple of floating trees.

Version 1.2
Now with more trees, wider bridges and better routes. Whoever finds errors can contact me and I will fix them.

– Trees no longer float

– 90% of the hedges are out and are being replaced by bushes. but is not finished yet
– helper splines on the bridges (a few are still missing)
´-all old trees replaced by new ones. it may be that some are floating.
-shader replaced or adapted to a new update



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zip Papenburger_Map 1 GB

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8 months ago

Spend 3 (Real life) days working 2 potato harvesting contracts and after every single potato picked up and delivered, only 96% complete on both jobs!!

1 year ago

awesome map thanks

Daniël van Mourik
Daniël van Mourik
1 year ago

when i open te map to play its not te seem as te video is that treu

1 year ago

lost all my trees

2 years ago

Plase ubdate and graps row

2 years ago

Plase and graps

Michael Jensen DK
Michael Jensen DK
2 years ago

Have problems with the crops that they not are growing

2 years ago

Probleme mit Düngestufe auf den Feldern immer nur 30% .
Gebäude und Bäume nach dem 0.4. Update verschwunden..
Landscaping fehlen Texturen nur noch 3 da…
Platzierte Zäune und Hecken schweben nach einem Neustart 5 Meter über dem Boden…
keine Steine verbaut… Wasserplane sollte etwas angehoben werden Texturen der Deko Gebäude teilweise nicht angepasst (Schwarz)…

Aber eine sehr schöne Map hoffentlich wird da noch lange dran weiter gearbeitet Ich spiele Sie gern aber das 0.4. update ist nicht Spielbar leider…..

2 years ago

If possible, fix the problem with the stones and with the fertilizer in the field that it is not possible to raise it to more than 30%,and enlarge the bridges, with the autodrive they collide a lot, thanks for your time and dedication, the map is great.

2 years ago

New FS22 update broke the map?

For me, all buildings on the map are missing and/or are missing textures…

2 years ago

Today started me savegame and found that all trees are missing on the map>>>>what is happening??

And sofar i have not found a singel STONE in my plouwed fields.
Suggest that modder also takes a look at his placed bildings>> Like Edeka that has not salestrigger

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x