RALLE’S MAP 4X V4.0.0.5


This is my version of my map that has been around since the LS13.

A lot has been changed
She is 4X again
She is multifruit
She still has mistakes
Eg: traffic is not funzt yet, fields are not yet individually buyable (but I’m working on it), sleeping isn’t possible either
she throws an error when finisch (for whatever reason, I recommend the 6k mode here)
She is Mp capable
Everything else works
She was converted hence these problems.
Helpers Work as they should, Season Mask is created
If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the problem, please let me know
The yards in the pictures are just ideas
You can build them however you want, there is also enough space for productions etc
And yes, I don’t know, not everything is perfect, but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to load it 😉
It is so big that you also get some things with it.


Hello everyone,
This version is just a minor update because I noticed things that I didn’t see when editing the map.
Trees that stood in meadows or partly on paths were removed, the old fences that crept back in were removed, something was done to the background because it “wobbly”.
A new game location is not mandatory but I recommend it

PDA Fixed
New vehicles in AI traffic
New backdrop
Fixed floating houses
Fixed some minor bugs
beta version
It would be advisable to create a new savegame so that all changes take effect
It’s still a beta version
As always, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to load it

Version 4.0.1
I’m probably running a couple of texture errors, I’ve fixed them
The PDA doesn’t fit, I don’t know why either
The rest should fit
You can take the changelog from the standard
I am adapting both, if any, meaning the changes to the standard are pretty much the same as this one
I wish you a happy new year :beer:
You don’t need a new savegame….. I think

Version 4.0.0
I’ve made some changes again
Adjusted traffic
Adjusted fields and farm kitchens
Fixed some terrain bugs
The terrain smoothed in some places so that there are no more steps
Fixed bugs that caused the game to crash
Pedestrian speed adjusted
Removed and re-added some details
It’s still a beta version!!!!
Usually you can keep your old savegame, if problems occur please start a new savegame

A lot has happened,
The fields have been adjusted
Some things were changed that were still from the LS 15
It’s not all perfect in this version. But it is playable and runs stable.
But you should disable Precesion Farming because this mod throws the log full of errors.
This is still not the final version of the map


Ralle AKA johndeere6800

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