This is a 4x Midwest map with huge fields that you would actually see in the Midwest. Keeping the map simple with one one farm, fewer fields, and mostly just the base game sale points. You will be able to buy all of the land including roads so you can landscape fully. Snow will also fall on the gravel roads so you have more to do in the winter if you like. All production points should also be sellable to be able to customize the map for yourself.

– 1 farm w/cows, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, and bees
– 26 fields
– 10 production points
– 11 sale points
– 3 lime stations
– The full Farmers CO-OP with fertilizer, chemical, and seed sheds
– 2 workshops
– 3 gas stations
– 1 methaine stations
– 1 electric chargers
– 15 empty lots for purchase around the edge of the map
– 2 empty lots for purchase in town
– 1 BGA
– MultiFruit with Alfalfa, Hops, Lavender, Millet, Onion, Poppy, Rye, Spelt, Triticale, White Cabbage, and Red Cabbage

If you do not care for Simple Midwest because it is not detailed, this map will not be for you. This is the map I originally started with and was 80% done when I realized that consoles cannot take 4x maps, so I jumped off and created Simple Midwest. I was not actually going to release this version, but in YouTube reviews of Simple Midwest, there were requests for this. So I decided to finish it up, clean it up a bit, and get it out there for anyone that wants it, but if you thought the fields in Simple Midwest were large, these fields can be HUGE.


–Multifruit was not fully programmed correctly, should now have the name in all locations.
–Noticed some Multifruit had no sale locations. Added locations for all types except Anhydrous.
–Changed lights around farm to Placeable Floodlight Poles so they can be sold.
–Made the Garden Shed a placeable so that is also sellable.
–Added starting crops in the starting fields.



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11 days ago

Excellent map, thank you.
When feeding cows @ the barn with TMR only Hay % shows, health of cows also stays at 0%
…. or I’m doing something wrong

13 days ago

Where’s the wooden barn to download?
27 days ago

Hello, I bought land number 12 and when I want to sell it, it tells me that there is a placeable on it when there is nothing and refuses to sell it.

1 month ago

doesnt load, gets to 85% and stops there.

Antonio Forte
Antonio Forte
1 month ago

Hello , the Map is very fine , thank you very much .
a liittel problem ; please added more painting from Landscaping tools .

make please , Farmhouse , Decoration ( lamps etc ) from scratch and sellable . i hope make please this update from this beautyful map. greetings thank you very much

Demetrius Minneapolis
Demetrius Minneapolis
Reply to  Antonio Forte
1 month ago

May I inquire as to where you obtained the required mods to get the map working? Thank you.

Demetrius Minneapolis
Demetrius Minneapolis
1 month ago

Problem here is that you forgot to mention the requirement downloads to run the map.
Please correct me if these are not needed or are the wrong mods:

The farmers coop and the precise wooden barn you need is unknown as many hits come up for a “wooden barn” and I cannot find a coop on this site. Please assist with the requirements so that we may try out what looks like an interesting map.

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