Get ready to experience unlike ever before on a tree farm in the United States. The terrain is fairly smooth with some rolling hills. The Plantation supports all productions that are avaliable and will offer the ulitmate forestry & farming experience.

This map includes:
– 10 Fields
– 31 purchasable lands
– Main river and small lake for fresh water.
– Full of all the in-game collectibles.
– Includes 1 sell-all point, sawmill production, grain elevator, and chip sell point.
– Map is based in the US with normal seasons.
– Some ditches fill with water during rainy weather.


Change Log
– Fixed paved road so that there are no gaps below.
– Added wood container sell point.
– Added a sign for container sell point.


Gamer Designs

3.5/5 - (2 votes)

Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_The_Plantation 65 MB

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Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll
1 year ago

Hi, Played this way back on 19. .

This version MUCH better and very much like where I live in UK. I have a very small criticism about your ditches and roads.

What I would like as I am rubbish at landscaping with terraform is dirt bridges over culverts at intervals along the roads as we have because its a real pain trying to get trucks and tractors over the ditches. The roads are a bit high and the shoulders tend to throw you off course but I can cope with that.

Apart from that its great. It was nice to have a starter farm with a pretty good tractor load out though I dont under stand why we got good HP tractors and tiny implements for such big fields It does not make sense.
I did need to dump the smaller implements and the harvester in favour of the big JD plough, Horch direct seeder, and Lizard fert/lime spreader.

We could have had the £60k Case Harvester which I usually get with fast harvest header options.. Adding other stuff as I made money from chips.(dont do logging) I suppose we all play our own game.But a good map all the same. Cheers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael Carroll
1 year ago

I like the look of the map looks like a fun map only problems with it is the roads suck ai won’t dtive on them and the edges are jagged as hell and if you hit 1 you go flying halfway across the map sideways
you need to smooth them out and fix ai it can drive from A to B and not just sit there wasting my money or fail to do the task as it’s unreachable

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