The map was created on the basis of the terrain of one of the picturesque corners of Ukraine.
-The map has 18 fields of different sizes and configurations.
-Two plots with forest that can be purchased.
-There are two lakes where you can collect water for your farm.
-There are collectible items.
-Five points of sale where you can sell all crops – a shop in the center of the village, two elevators, a boiler house, a point of sale of root crops, hay, straw, etc.

Мапа створена за мотивами місцевості одного з мальовничих куточків України.
-Мапа має 18 полів різного розміру і конфігурації.
-Дві ділянки з лісом, які можна придбати.
-Є два озера, де ви можете набрати води для свого господарства.
-Присутні колекційні предмети.
-П’ять точок продажу в яких можна продати всі культури – крамниця в центрі села, два елеватори, котельня, точка продажу коренеплодів, сіна, соломи, тощо.


– Fixed contracts with additional crops
– Added collision mask on reservoirs for workers
– Fixed collisions of some trees
– Fixed extra crops in the granary
– Changed the volume of feed for cats

– Added new culture
– Added and redesigned productions from Premium expansion
– Improved support for Precision Farming
– Added landscape texture
– Slightly changed visual elements
– Slightly improved optimization
– Some other minor changes and fixes

Added a fruit processing plant that produces standard products such as raisins and grape juice and non-standard items: semi-nocturnal jam, carrot juice, tomato juice and semi-nocturnal juice.
The bakery’s standard production has been expanded, it can now make poppy seed filling, poppy seed scones, and scones with half-lunch jam.
Added a canning factory that produces ketchup, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and canned tomatoes.
Improved view of water on the map.
Some other minor changes and fixes.

A shop of meat delicacies has been added, producing sausages (boiled, raw-smoked, smoked), sausages, anchovies, prosciutto, basturma, smoked ribs and brisket, meat slices.
The factory for the production of alcoholic beverages will allow you to get dark and light beer, alcohol, vodka, grape and strawberry wine, bread kvass, fodder yeast.
Some other minor changes and fixes.

Added new animals: ducks and goats. Goats give milk that can be sold or processed at a dairy into hard cheese and cottage cheese. Ducks lay eggs. At the meat processing plant, you can get duck breast and minced meat, goat leg, breast and ribs from these animals.
Added new products to carpentry: boxes, tubs, beehives and pallets. The sawmill can produce chipboard, OSB boards, chopped and uncut firewood in pallets.
The production of starch and dry puree was added to the potato plant.
Some production chains have been changed.
Some other minor changes and fixes.

Update 2:
New productions and new products have been added – sour cream, chocolate butter, condensed milk, pasteurized milk, dry milk, skimmed milk, yogurt, ice cream, sweet cottage cheese, cocoa, fish, chicken: leg, thigh, wing, breast, minced meat; pork: neck, brisket, lard, tenderloin, shoulder blade, ribs, front leg, back leg, bone, minced meat; beef: back leg, front leg, neck, tenderloin, minced meat; lamb: back leg, front leg, neck, tenderloin, minced meat.
Added four product sales points.
Added the ability to fish on the lake in the village.
Fixed production at the potato factory.
Some other changes.
The FS22_AnimalInputExtension mod is required for the operation of the meat processing plant.

– new crops: buckwheat, peas, poppy, mustard, alfalfa, clover, hops, flax, carrots, onions;
– new products: wheat, barley, corn, buckwheat, pea, oat, soybean, sorghum groats; wheat, barley, oat, buckwheat, pea, soy, sorghum and flax flakes;
The production chains of some products have been changed.
A grain dryer and a grain factory, which accepts only dry and cleaned grain, have been added to the map. You can also buy a compost plant in the store.
Added roads, changed base, changed some sounds. Replaced pallet textures of some products.
Changed minimap.
The temperature regime has been changed.
Other minor fixes.


Ser-hi-i, dynamofan

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thomas sep
thomas sep
1 year ago

slava ukraine at 1 then its a good map the only i think needs a bit moore like a bakery and others but simple like you have done your others producion points soory for my inglisch speak german

1 year ago

Thank you for your work in creating this map!

1 year ago

Slava Ukraini

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