The Volkscreek is a modified version of the Elmcreek Standard Map.
(FYI: The farm is only present when you start a game as a “New Farmer”, so it is with the original cards!)

Version 1.0
A new, large farm has been created, all types of animals are now present on the farm, as well as a few shelters, a driving silo and a straw/hay storage. At the start you own 2 fields, which are near the farm. The yard still offers enough space to use placeable objects. There is also a workshop already at the courtyard.

The cows and pigs already have manure areas.
growth has been adjusted (With seasonal growth turned off!), the grass grows after mowing, growth times have been changed to 2-3 days, depending on the fruit.
With seasonal growth turned off, fruit will not rot.

PDA Map Renewed.
The starting vehicles have been changed
The collection objects have been removed, as compensation there is already a lot of grain in the silo.
Players now have the ability to influence almost all outlets and production in the XML files in the map’s xml folder, such as adjusting prices or changing production. For example, adjust prices or change the production.


Version 3.1
Unfortunately I made a mistake with version 3.0!
Not all animal stables that are already placed on the map have been changed in capacity!
This has now been fixed in version 3.1.
In addition, mineral feed was added to the Karma16 silo and the filling volume increased to 50,000 liters.
Field 34 and 35 were changed again in order.
A hall was removed from the muesli factory.

Version 3.0
Fixed swapped field numbers in field 34 and 35.
Sugarcane is now growing back.
More animals can now be accommodated in the animal stables, and the capacities have been adjusted accordingly.
You can now also sell manure, liquid manure, eggs, milk and mineral fertilizers at some traders.
The capacity of the hay/straw store can now be increased with a special expansion silo. (To buy in the construction menu under silo extensions)
The farm silo was exchanged.
A field near the farm has been changed.
You have to start a new game!!!

Version 2.0
Collectibles removed, the yard silo is well filled to compensate.
All factories and sales stations refer back to the original xml files in the game directory, so changes made by Giants also have an impact on the map.
The growth has been revised again, now nothing should rot and the growth is 1-3 days, depending on the fruit.
The lime silos were fixed.
A building was removed from the muesli factory so that the helper can turn after unloading.
The buildings of the 4 corner courtyards can be removed in-game if you own the land.


Original Map: Giants
Mapanpassung: Biface

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