Farming Simulator 22 Ground working features

Farming Simulator 22 Ground working features

Giants have updated ground textures in Farming Simulator 22 now surfaces look more natural plus new features such as ground working systems have been implemented. Let’s take a look at some of new elements or upgrades from Farming Simulator 19.

New feature: Mulching

Farming Simulator 22 Ground working features

One of new feautes in FS22 – mulching where you improve the soil that leads to greater yield. You will now be able to use mulcher attachement to your tractor to cut and apply fresh grass to the surface of the soil when cultivating a grape or olive orchard, for example. After harvesting your crops, you can also mulch the stubble left on the field to improve the yield. Another important factor why mulching is a must the visual of your goods as mulching makes everything on your vineyard look nice and clean. On top of that in the game itself Giants have placed quite a few tools to use it in the forestry section.

New feature: Stone picking

Farming Simulator 22 Ground working features

While doing your daily tasks suchs as cultivating or plowing you will see that your field will have stones. Depending on what kind of cultivator you are using, the size of the stones varies. Using a subsoiler, you will dig up some larger rocks compared to your shallower groundwork. Use stone collectiong tools to pick up stones and also make some additional money by selling them to the debris crusher. Before sowing your crops make sure that all stones are collected from your field. If this feature is pain in the back you can always turn it off.

Farming Simulator 22 Ground working features

If you ask what will happen if I don’t bother to collect stones? Well my friend your machines will get damaged by that and you will have 2 problems instead of one, damaged machinery and stones on fields. If you don’t like to collect them, there’s another method to get rid of them – at least the smaller ones. Here comes another ground working mechanic into play, that ties into stones.

New feature: Soil rolling

Farming Simulator 22 Ground working features

If you picked large rocks out of the ground, you need to collect them. With smaller stones, turning up after cultivating or plowing, you can also use this spectacular looking agricultural tool called a roller, and simply press them into the ground again. Yes, just roll over them – they had it coming, threatening the well-being of your expensive machines.

Rollers are not just a tool to conceal the rocky consequences of cultivating or plowing, though. After sowing your crops, you gain an additional yield bonus when rolling over, flattening and compressing the seedbed. Considering the type of crop and field size, we’re talking about a considerable amount of money.

There’s also incentive to get your roll on, when you’re a grassland enthusiast. As rolling around on your meadows grants you a fertilizing stage. Mind, that rolling over grass sets it back to the first growth stage – so you should roll over the grass when it’s freshly cut and mowed.

Look at the new ground textures!

Farming Simulator 22 Ground working features

In Farming Simulator 22 you will see that all ground textures are upgraded. For example if you play with friends online you will be able to notice the diffrence if one land is rolled and another is not. Some of the updated textures can be seen in the above picture.

That’s all the news we got for now, keep checking for more news on the game and obviously bunch of mods once the game is live!

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1 year ago

I love this game!! It is so almost real.

2 years ago

so can you dig in the ground with an excavator without a mod

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