Farming Simulator 22 Character Creation


Farming Simulator 22 Character Creation

As most of us already know Farming Simulator 22 will support cross-platform multiplayer this means that there will be a lot of people playing all the time. Oviously many players being identical is not cool thus Giants have created a new feature that will help you create and customize your characters. To stand out and be unique you will be able to choose from hairstyles, including a beard or mustache, between various clothing items from top to bottom, and even authentic full-body outfits from your favorite brands.

Here’s the complete list of options:

Wear your favorite brands!

Besides everyday clothes you can select branded outfits for your player. For example if most of your machinery is from John Deere or you simply like this brand you can gear up with green outfit to match your farm.

Case IH, CLAAS, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, and others are also represented with their authentic outfits. Safety shoes from ELTEN, and Engelbert Strauss, specialized in workwear, the safety of your farmer is guaranteed. Take a look!

Lasty few more pictures of what can be designed in the upcoming Farming Simulator 22. Also, if you want to change your character design later on, maybe get a new hair cut or new pants, you can do that back at the farm house. Just open the wardrobe, and change!

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