Farming Simulator 22 production chains

Farming Simulator 22 production chains

Farming Simulator 22 introduces – production chains. If you harvest your crops and go to sell them in the previous Farming sims try a new feature to deliver them to the grain mill so it gets processed into fine flour and bring it to the local bakery. Then, you decide what they’ll do with it!

New building types, shops and businesses

Farming Simulator 22 production chains

What elements are new here in Farming Simulator 22? There will be a lot of new building types in the game. Some buildings are already built into the upcoming Farming Simulator 22 maps and some you will need to build on the road to make it as your business. As the feature is still new Giants don’t share more info about it at this time so we will have to wait and find out how it will be.

What Giants share at the time: “One of the businesses being part of a production chain is the bakery. If you want to generate income from delicious cakes or fluffy bread, you need to supply them with flour, sugar and butter as well as other ingredients. To get those, you have to visit other links of the chain like the grain mill, dairy, or the sugar mill.”

Your new bread and butter

Farming Simulator 22 production chains

The process does require to move your resources from one place to another quite a lot. How you will do that it’s up to you. One option is to deliver yourself another one is to let the businesses do the transportation – for a fee. An example: the grain mill or sugar mill will let you decide if you transport the processed goods to the next link in the chain yourself or if the mills deliver them.

Also, in case of the bakery, you can also decide if they sell the produced goods directly or if you distribute them to the local supermarket, restaurant or farmer’s market to generate even more income. One way or another, if you’re selling baskets full of freshly baked bread instead of just the harvested wheat, you’ll make more money.

Especially, since you not only have various options on what to produce, you can start multiple productions at once. Just make sure, you provide the necessary resources to keep the production going.

More info to follow – stay tuned!

Farming Simulator 22 production chains

We are awaiting for more interesting news of Farming Simulator 22 soon!

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