Farming Simulator 22 Sound Improvements

Farming Simulator 22 Sound Improvements

Farming Simulator 22 is not only getting various graphic updates or new features but the game sound will be improved as well. 2 videos just below will give a sneak peak of Giants sound designers in action.

Dynamic sound for engine and exhaust

Farming Simulator 22 vehicles will have new engine sounds with the help of synthesis tool in the game engine. Implementing this with a help of programmers and audio software the game audio will be more dynamic and the machines will sound more realistic then before.

Dynamic load processing the core new feature of this system that simulates the engine having various loads and resistances applied. This means that the machinery sound will differ depending if you are driving for example uphill or with huge load the sound will be more realistic. This was achieved with a help of real-life various machines sound recordings.

New attachment audio system

Not only engine sounds will be improved but as well as attachment audio system. Each tool generates different sound so Giants has visited farmers and their farms to record and create sound references. With the help of new audio tool, during an animation various sounds will be able to play. Another example of the new improvement: “the unloading of a trailer, for example – with the rear lid opening, hydraulic parts moving around and metal impact where metal on metal creates a heavy sound effect. Every attachment will have its individual set of sound effects in Farming Simulator 22.”

First person experience is also not forgotten. While driving a tractor there will be a lot of new sounds in the inside cabin. You don’t just hear the engine of your tractor, but various shaking and rattling sounds from all the objects inside the cabin. That includes the sounds of windshield wipers, too!

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5 months ago

I don’t see a download button

Robert Van herp
Robert Van herp
2 years ago

sound is way too soft in fs 22

Reply to  Robert Van herp
4 months ago

This isn’t a download link, this is a news !

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